Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a darling dress liebemarlene would like

With her identifiable style, Rhiannon, who is cute and clever, is much admired at funkoma for her dedication to her muse, her style and her love of history.......

So when I saw this little cutie at the estate I had to buy I buy for my shop or my listings I imagine the customer that might like it......I only buy for a few types of people....
My audience is mostly a bit older, has a pretty good idea of what fits her or him, what style they like....willing to step outside the "comfort zone" as times change and new inspirations excite them....but 2 things always are paramount:
1. Fits well, looks good on the body and is decent quality.
(meaning not a Wal-Mart shopper looking just for cheap and quick)
2. A sense of personal style, not the traditional (or trendy and unattractive) mainstream fashion in the mall today.
(meaning a sense of romance, self-assurance, and personal confidence)

has all these things....her love of old movies and movie stars of days past, romantic notions in jewelry and shoes, and vintage clothes with humor, sweetness, and last-ability.
******cute collar, buttons and lace ******

******ties in the back ** mini length ******

******coral gray and white floral stripe****full skirt ******

******it's a Chubby ! ******

*****now in my etsy store ---->clicky over there ---->

Clothing used to be sized for many different body types from the 40s thru today...but there were more categories than average, petite, and tall....
There was Btweens, for the "mature" figure, with a larger and lower bust line, in addition to Misses sizes.
In the 50s, Junior sizing really got going as teens became more remember Bobby Soxers? Before the end of WWII teens mostly dressed as miniature versions of their parents. Post-war, things changed as folks got back to living a normal fun life, partly to shake the blues of The Depression and the war years.
There was chubby sizes for both boys and girls.

Tho all fashion is disposable, the garments we choose and buy, should be "used up", that is, recycled and worn by one generation and then passed on to another generation.
That requires some thought and planning, a sense of caring about the past and the future, and the willingness to be different from the crowd.......and that's where confidence comes in to the plan!