Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You !

It's early....the house is quiet...I'm baking yams and making a peach cobbler. the funkoma's are spending the day with friends and family....about 20 of us. I think about history,progress, the lovely earth, and meeting and eating on this day. I live just few blocks from the site of the first sawmill in Washington.
On April Fool's Day 1852, Nick Delin was preparing the ground for industry. After he smoothed out the ground around what is now Twenty-fifth and Dock streets in Tacoma, Delin hired Sam McCaw, a young Irishman who lived near Steilacoom and had a team of oxen, to drag the foundation timbers into place.1979, Murray Morgan

Situated on scenic bluffs that were home to the Puyallup Tribe and other native peoples for millennia, the city possesses a natural harbor admired by the sound’s earliest Euro-American explorers.

The Puyallup River flows from the slopes of Mount Rainier and enters Puget Sound in a broad delta at the head of a bay. The Puyallup tribe had several settlements on the delta and they called the area that would be Tacoma Squa-szucks. The natives fished, hunted, and trapped and never had to go far to earn their livings.

This is Broadway, where the shop is. Not much has changed.