Monday, December 26, 2011

Best Costume for the Day

there's a lot one can say about getting dressed....Warmth, not getting arrested for indecent exposure, comfort, and function. Lots of women dress (or undress) for attracting a mate, a date, or Mr. Right Now.

and well,  Matt Dillon. hubba hubba.
I have mostly dressed for function, and then, Imagination!

I start with a theme in mind, and choose colors and a style to fit whatever dream, movie, object, nightmare...I woke up feeling like ....

 the violet of the night sky....

the Moon........the sunflower..........

Allow me to explain.
Once, I wanted to be the sky. Oh sure, dress in Light Blue, you say. done and done.
It's not that easy, Jeff.
With me, I made a pair of pants from rainbow stripe fabric, and then topped it with a white fluffy angora sweater. so yeah...... fluffy white cloud...and a rainbow. True. Story.

I mostly dress like a mash-up of Miss Havisham/Morticia/Laura Ashley/a boy. works for me.

 With this dress, clearly, some spider earrings, a pair of tall black boots and a little handknit 80s cardigan in black angora.

Other days....oh you know. Amelia Earhart.

Beach bum.
English professor.

 Tank Girl's mom.

So, I'm only a bit ashamed/proud to be an out and out follower of Disneybound tumbler and on Pinterest.
They do exactly what I do, and have done as far back as I remember...that is, I dress my mood and I don't give a flip what's in or out of style. I stopped following anything in a fashion magazine one day when I found out that wearing Cover Girl make-up and Yardley's Twiggy Slicker  lipstick, did not turn me into Penelope Tree or Twiggy ..(what is up with the English naming people for objects? I like it !!)

 photo from Dedicated Follower...

Here's some of my current faves from Disney Bound !

Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Storm Trooper from Star Wars

Sam the Snowman from one of the Best Christmas cartoons ever made !