Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Under where? Underwear. Panties. Knickers, Nicky

the history of Vanity Fair.... with research from the pretty Ang of ehappyvintage.com
well if you have never felt the ultra sexiness of vintage nylon....girlfriend or boyfriend !
You must try some before your mortal coil unwinds.
There is nothing silkier, they are silkier than silk...

No worries OK. I'll be listed mountains of vintage lingerie in the next few months...I think the warm weather is the perfect time for some sexy undies....

This lovely thing is a 50s Vintage Vanity Fair nightgown.. it has the white satin label woven with light blue thread.It is just as silky as the panties since it's made from the same nylon tricot. Later, in the 70s, came the Dupont Antron III nylon....not quite as soft...

this is a dream!!
ha ha.