Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why Tacoma is Just like High School

or worse...Jr. High
Many people think Tacoma was invented in 2004. Long before that,kids, there was really neat stuff happening. I wrote for 2 community newspapers.....long before the childish Volcano was around.
And I just have to ask?
When I waste 15 minutes of my precious life reading the Volcano, looking for some growing up....some really good writing, I am 89.99999% disappointed.
The recent "change" only shifted the ads to the middle instead of at the end in its own little fold so I could recycle them I do not want to work from home phoning
The Writers increased in number....Yes, some writers have something to say....and say it very well.....I'm guessing the editorial direction is lazy. I look forward to reading Tacoma's other blogs, the T.Weekly, the City keep up with Tacoma.

And here's what's pretty funny.......A VERY well-known local (now) Artist here in Tacoma, said a mouthful when she stated emphatically that:
The Tacoma Weekly does the Best job of all the local papers of reporting on and supporting the ARTS COMMUNITY !!!!

And when it comes to Most of the Arts reporting.'s always the same place(s) again and again again..............It's the same bars again and again.......Yes they hang in LakeHood in order to increase the Ad Dollars........
I just cringe. I'm sure The Stranger.......just laughs and then picks up dog poop with each weekly issue.

What the flipp is interesting about a guy wearing expensive jeans from the Mall, a long sleeve knit shirt under a short sleeve T shirt, and an Irish cap????

Tacoma.....this is a Man Default Uniform. It is serviceable. It is OK. It is not exciting.
I see wonderfully creatively dressed men around Tacoma ....from time to time.
not often. And do I need to remind you......vintage glasses, men.
Just step away from the Fake Worn Out jeans,..step back from the sloppy slobby oversized T shirt........Throw away the Fry Cook Tennis shoes. For a start.
If you want worn out jeans, buy them OLD! Buy some new T shirts and wash them in Hippie Soap like Seventh Generation. Clean your shoes, and polish them !

Kevin takes a fashion chance....and looks interesting, charming and smart....
Chris can rock the clothing......And Gio.....
And it's not just's the whole thing......What does your hair look like? How's about some facial hair..........(generally ...just say NO!)
Sporting a jazz patch.......or GAWD! a goatee is Boring!!
Shave that crap off......

My husband, even when dressed in work clothes, is Always dressed so artistically.

He has this fabulous Ben Sherman shirt that's brown with red stripes (it looks like a chocolate candy cane!). He pairs that with classic brown corduroy jeans, vintage tennies, and if need be...a tweed jacket....
or a khaki or black trench.
And, I adore him in his classic 60s black suit. Fitted jacket and slim pants just a bit short!!! White shirt, skinny colorful or plain black tie.....Worn with black shiny vintage oxfords or maybe black Cons.
My fav is his lime/pea/acid green shirt of 60s vintage, worn with navy slacks, untucked with a very authentically worn out vintage denim jacket and brown
.....Some of you are making the effort.....So I guess I need to take my camera around with me to photo you!

So starting next week, I'll be roaming with cam in hand to pic you and document the marviness that is you.
Oh, back to the original topic.
There is a clique of "cool people" in Tacoma. It's the same names again and again and again. Whether in the TacBlogosphere or in wood-fiber-based format.
I suppose I also need to write more about the other ones........

While dining at El Groucho the other night, we learned that Tobin is That Tobin. Sorry Tobin. I just didn't put the 2 together.
email me. You have a Fan Club.