Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Redhead, A Brunette and A Blonde

were wearing new dresses they sewed themselves.....and the Blonde said:
"I must be made of honey because the bees are buzzing around me!"
the Redhead said: "Oh you're made of .....alright, Charmaine...."
the Brunette sighed wistfully, noticed the word "Easy" hovering over Charmaine's head...... and kept her thoughts to herself......

Do you look at vintage pattern envelopes and write a script? I sure do!

The uncles and the dads were standing around watching the old black men barbeque.....
It was a hot summer day, and for once they were very glad to be guests at a picnic, rather than the cooks!
"The wives won't let us near the kitchen stove, but stick a Barbeque unit in the backyard and suddenly we gotta be the Chef of the Great Outdoors. Where's my scotch?"

The kid was just wondering how long this creepy boring family picnic was gonna last.....
"I gotta get over to Charmaine's house and watch her make ice cubes.
And why'd Mom make me wear this dorky shirt like all the rest of my relatives. Why am I the only one who has a V on the hem? What's that mean any way?"

The B,B & R dress pattern is on etsy........and the shirt pattern is missing pieces so I won't sell it.....but the other dresses and stuff are on ebay starting July 24th at 9:30 am. Several vintage 50s, 60s and 70s dress patterns are up on ebay and etsy.
Just click the pics!!

A fab 'n oh so cute Wrap Dress....reversible if you want....

I'm in LOVE with this pattern....Look how the necklace slips through the bound buttonhole on the cowl neckline.....Clever !

I love these bodice darn cute and cooool !

Hot Hot HOT 40s style halters....just add a wiggle skirt or sailor jeans !
Mmmm.....Perfect for car shows.....Like HotRod A Rama in Tacoma...
Aug 1 & 2 the Swiss