Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Run and Jog vintage 70s style

Running, jogging, speedwalking...whatever you wanna call it, putting on short shorts and a sassy top, for the men and the ladies, is the thing to do to be cool in Physical Fitness.
Thinking about getting physical, olde school style with these neat 70s running shorts and tank tops.
How much fun to run in a tiny little crop top? From our favorite San Francisco clothing company... Levi Strauss.

The worlds most Bad Ass tank top, is right here my friend. No One, I mean no one but you will have a vintage 70s tank top like this one! 70s World Wide Black Expo. Unity.

 All these 70s shorts, and the Catalina swim briefs are here.... just click right here to find yourself in the etsy store.

Crop top, Halter top, it's a 70s classic, gotta have it!! by Levis, 70s authentic running, jumping and lounging summer fun.

 And here's a blue denim crop top in website, funkomavintage shop also. Click right here for more Levis 70s halter tops. The real deal!

Oh yeah, nothing is more 70s vintage than Aviators. Guaranteed.