Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mad About You...

I confess...I don't actually watch Mad Men...(I'm taking a break from TV)
tho I will go rent the DVD collections...they are out aren't they?

I MadMen'd to go to the AMC website and give yourself an e-makeover......because it's fun to see myself in the corporate world (as if) and in the corporate world in the 60s!

I remember them very well...oh sure I was in elementary school, but I was a precocious kid. The show is shocking in its realistic portrayal of that time's a bit dizzying.
In those years, my older sister Pat was a single mom and a secretary for a construction company...what a come down after being a cheerleader at her San Jose high school, and marrying/divorcing the football star!
but I digress.

I chose an up-do, because I'd wear that at work. A purple dress, tight of course. A pendant necklace, a birdy pin (I have a bird-fetish). My glasses. A Martini. A newspaper. A cigarette. Sign of the times.

So, what is so cool about the early 60s? Honestly, it was probably the last gasp of the idea that All Was Perfect. It was an era before War Was Bad, because WWII was good...defeating the Nazi's was SupahGood!
Feminism hadn't started brainwashing everyone into hating Men. Equality was starting to Speak Up, modeled on Dr. Martin Luther King, et al, and the all things seemed possible, tho not without pain and some agony for the Old Guard (racists/sexists).

Fashion was becoming clean-lined...a lot of the fruffy-ness of the 50s sexpot-babydoll was fading and a cool confidence in simplicity was coming along.
It was a transitional time...a time much like the Obama Years...we are moving to a more modern world...a world of changing values where we want The Good Life, but we want it smarter and moral.

It's no accident that Michelle Obama wears clean-lined clothes...sheaths, simple flats, small precise necklaces...and the suits the President wears...Smooooooove.
Rewearing vintage makes Perfect Sense! I love all eras, but the lines, the handwork and detail still done during the 60s, and the exquisite quality and fun, quirky fabrics, such as silk and fine-textured cotton sateens of 60s clothing really seem to fit the mood of the times....

take a look:

All of these 60s fashions are in my etsy shop, along with a sweet little selection of 60s patterns. All this week and thru Labor Day...I'll be adding more 60s. Mad Men is about working in a corporate office, doing the daily labor ...and looking Good!