Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some people have integrity and an Irish sweater.

...or....What Vintage Means To Me!

Here's what influences us right now!
Chunky sweaters and tweed....... sturdy boots and jeans........
well, the classics that will last a long time. When you spend your hard-earned dollars, you should expect your clothes to last a long time.

Our latest collection of goodies includes vintage boots, and neat cold-weather sweaters and lots of denim.....
 Vintage Red Wing boots, Alan Paine cashmere sweater, vintage tweed,  vintage leather boots with faux fur lining for warm and cozy winter wear...

NYC vintage Coach purse, and.... vintage Redline Selvedge Levis jeans....

 Oh, and home decor..... you want your home to have character and feel good..... we hope to help you do that.
funkomavintage has been selling vintage clothes with integrity for more than 14 years. I first noticed in the mid 70s that a lot of clothes, and knick-knacks were coming from Japan, India and Taiwan, and then in the early 80s, from China. I also noticed at lot of labels no longer said UNION MADE. I also noticed, so much was just poorly constructed of low quality fabric.

I resisted buying anything new, it was hard, hard and hard.

I turned to used and vintage and handmade more and more, and tried to buy as much made in the USA as possible. I also sought out QUALITY made clothes and home decor from around the world. This began my love affair with Harris Tweed, fer instanx.... ;-)

This is why funkomavintage exists........long before most people started thinking about Green, the Waste stream, tossing stuff in the landfill.......funkoma was worried about that.......
100% American made......Red Wing's vintage boots. Charles Beckman  , a German immigrant, he opened a shoe store in 1883.  But he wanted to sell only "truly good shoes." The store thrived, but Charles still believed good shoes were too hard to find, so he decided to become a shoemaker himself. In 1905, with 14 like-minded investors, he founded the Red Wing Shoe Company.

These pics are from a few seasons ago from J Crew. I love the styling...but J Crew stuff is um, mostly shit that's imported. sigh.

Tweed and faded denim jeans....altho.... I'd suggest this poor waif put on a damn sweater and eat a sandwich....

more from J Crew... tweed hat, and a wool cape....  a faded denim jacket, a tweed skirt, cashmere sweater and a sturdy canvas and leather bag.

 New at funkomavintage............vintage Irish sweater, vintage plaid 60s pencil skirt.......and a vintage Coach bag,

this is the style of  Irish sweater that Frances McDormand wears in Moonrise Kingdom, because Wes Anderson is my hipster god....

 vintage 80s/ 90s Made in New York City,  black Coach cross body bag........

Made in New York City, NYC with the large creed and serial numbers.

70s vintage Gray Herringbone jacket and skirt wool suit. So versatile, so timeless.

 40s/50s vintage Tweed overcoat....  made with Foreman and Clark quality wool fabric

 An Alan Paine vintage argyle thick cashmere sweater made in England. This is special!  

 Vintage Boots!!  60s suede hippie boots that lace-up, and a fantastic pair of winter leather boots. 

 Denim, vintage denim. Levis and overalls! 

Love 'em! Redline Levis selvedge denim jeans........ 70s era.

Union Made Can't Bust 'em white denim overalls.......the brand name refers to the sturdiness of the workwear, and to the Unions...well, we see what happened when people forgot to support the worker and bought cheap shit from Walmart.....wages tanked and.... that's sad.

Etsy, where I set up shop after Ebay turned into the Walmart Dollar Store with Slaves from China, making crap....... has now become, just like, Ebay/Walmart/Dollar Store..........
On Oct 1, the asshole CEO and other assorted rich jerks screwed over the handmade community.

Instead of supporting handmade and micro-business on Etsy, the reason Rob Kalin set up etsy in the first place......Etsy has now opened the site to, and is heavily promoting factory made shit from China and any other hellholes on the planet....As if it is the exact same thing as HANDMADE..... Spend a few minutes reading this thread with comments from Etsy's best and brightest.

So, funkomavintage, after 14 years of selling vintage and handmade moving away from Etsy over the next few months......and will be 99% at our own website!!