Monday, January 14, 2008

The Train The Train !

Another point.......and an example.
The London Times printed this today about biodiesel. When Mark and I were at Evergreen we became interested in biodiesel and so he made it and we drove biodiesel may remember my car especially......the brown Mercedes with the bowling lady hood I pointed out a while back.....biodiesel is a stop-gap measure and should be abandoned as a fuel source.

While they have the potential to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change, biofuels will devastate forests and other habitats unless controlled, scientists said.

The Royal Society report of a 14-month inquiry was published as the European Union announced that its targets for biofuels are to be re-examined because of fears of their impact on the environment. Stavros Dimas, its Environment Commissioner, said that the environmental consequences of boosting biofuel production and the effects on poor communities were bigger than originally thought. from the London Times

The Example: Mark, John and I walked out of our penthouse on Sunday night, we said:
Peeweh !!
There was a stinky gray pall hanging over the neighborhood. Ghost of Old Tacoma? No. A train had just rumbled by, which is fine. But and it's a Big But, it was Diesel in the Air. That's what I'm saying.

Now I know, boy do I know, that the Dome District is the unwanted red-headed stepchild of The Downtown Renaissance......
(do we get a Festival in our end.....No ! There is ZERO City of Tacoma promotion of our district...there are NO Fairs, Events or clean-ups comparable to um, First Night or Taste of Tacoma.....nothing.)

but, diesel is a dying technology. I'm sure the Light Rail Hobo Train laughs at the big trains as they stink by, while Light Rail skips lightly thru town.....(wow, that's poetry!)
And diesel can't be replaced by biodiesel.....tho smelling like French Fries is cool, it is not sustainable.