Saturday, March 17, 2012

White Man Moccasins

One of my most fave pictures is this whimsical print by Lee Marmon. He has been taking pictures of New Mexico's Laguna Pueblo people, for nearly 60 years. Encouraged by his father, Henry,  when Lee was a callow 22 year old veteran of WWII, he began to document the elders of his tribe, the daily life, and the moment in history when Indians were moving  into modern life, and leaving behind the centuries of old ways of living. Indians are of course, still living in the old ways, but in the middle of the 20th century, they began to ...perhaps...feel more comfortable integrating modern things in their daily life.
For at least a hundred years, American Native people had been forced to assimilate, and we see in Marmon's long historical perspective, Indians making the choice for themselves to choose what they want, and to take what they like, and also, to insist America finally honor every treaty the Indians signed in good faith...only to see each one broken over the long occupation of their lands by us foreigners.

Taken in 1954, it's a photo of tribal elder Jeff Sousea, the elderly caretaker of the Laguna mission. As a kid, and today when the sun peeps out, you can find me lazying in the afternoon sun just like elder Jeff. He has his  traditional headband and his hand made beaded and wrought jewelry and on his feet....a modern (though well-worn) pair of Converse shoes, or maybe a pair of Keds. That ankle circle patch...can be seen on both cons and keds.

more about Marmon

you can buy the postcard of Marmon's photo here

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 Here's the latest Converse and moccasins in the funkomavintage shop.....
I only buy the Made In USA that Nike owns them and they are made in China, they suck.


Converse, and moccasins are my 2 favorite shoes to wear....when I'm not in cowboy boots, that is....

The Red Tiger Asic are for running, and the POLO by Ralphie, and the plaid by TUK are my exceptions...based on cuteness.  I am paring down....from the 15 personal pairs...I used to have.

These moccasins are in rotation when it isn't raining...I'm making a pair of Navajo-style moccasins in black leather. It's fun! That pair of light brown leather, are (clears throat) about 35 years old.