Monday, November 14, 2011

The bride/party girl/housewife/gardener wore black...

this week...there's a lot of black.
I like black. a lot. It's always's a few looks from around the internetz, and then the new stuff in my shop...Including a jacket modeled on the suit that Marilyn wore when she married Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco in 1954. I got married in San Francisco, but I wore an antique lace 2 pc set I made myself...mmmm..must scan those photos.

....if I had to wear only one era, it would be, with no hesitation the 20s. Jazz Age, Roaring 20s....ha cha cha ! some of my favorites are the Gish Sisters, and Louise Brooks, and of course....Chaplin.

The Gish Sisters, Lillian and Dorothy, with a friend, Richard Barthelmess.

Theda Bara with a skeleton.

 a leather top hat.....I used to make these in the early 70s....

Cute 1969 pattern

from my new shop update...

this jacket is like the one Marilyn wore on her 1954 wedding day to Joe. Her's was a brown suit with a mink collar....but it was made up in black wool, mostly, with mink, fox or rabbit cute !

this pic is from the San Francisco Examiner newspaper