Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A California thing?

I like to make up my own clothes....I sew them from scratch with patterns I make....if I buy something secondhand....I have no fear to whack sleeves off, or cut neckline ribbing off t-shirts, add a ruffle, hem or add darts, change buttons....So....I've been noticing this a lot...It's back !!!....Sleeves cut off denim jackets and shirts.......
I do this all the time...I'll decide I want one, and then 2 years later, I donate, and then the next year I want a denim vest or sleeveless denim shirt and then it's back to the thrift to buy one, and whack whack whack.

and since your dad was hip before you were hip.....dads are the original hipsters wearing his jean jacket vest

Your dad wore a sleeveless jean jacket before you did and he’s got the homemade vest to prove it. Upon body diving into his denim street war suit, the sleeves of his pants jacket rage-sploded into a million awesome pieces. His arms were like Thor’s hammer because they delivered thunder-punches with the power of the heavens and burst through all fabrics that tried to contain them. His upper-body version of jorts also advertised his lady holders, which drew your mom to his side. 

So hipsters, next time you’re knife deep in a seam of your Levi’s sleeve and you’re dreaming of how “badass” you will look with exposed arms, remember this… 

You dad was sans-sleeves because they were just another thing in life that couldn’t contain the fury of manhood that he was. 

Thanks to Big-Things on tumblr for today’s killer photo.

I was bloghopping and noticed it a lot ! here's  a few pics...and 99% are California. I think I'm influenced by California's own, The Hells Angels. yeah, that's it.

Hells Angels San Bernadino....... 

What really happened in Hollister, July 6, 1947– what the San Francisco Chronicle called the worst 40 hours in the history of a town?

aubrianalauryn san francisco street fashion style

cute girls and a  denim vest , all from Fashionist

kelly san francisco street fashion style

 bleached out denim vest with a dress and really tall heels....

 blue denim vintage distressed vest jean jacket

and a super bad ass dyed and studded denim vest from Australia's Big Bad Wolf

oh no no no no....the sleeves cut off - Yes !  cut the pockets off...bitch please!