Tuesday, March 27, 2012


gun totes, utility pouches, adjustable messenger bags.... anchor clutch bag, vintage stenciled bleach dyed, vintage denim, old lace, vintage buttons....Where can you get all this handmade goodness?
When I was designing these bags and pouches, it was really important that they be washable....so many I've looked at have to be dry cleaned ($$$) and toxic, and/or only spot cleaned! Hey, life can get messy....all my bags are washable. Gently, like you would wash a cashmere sweater. Yes, you can and should hand wash cashmere...use Woolite or shampoo. With one of my bags, regular laundry soap is fine, and then hang to dry. Easy Peasy!

Sailor Red Anchor stencil Tote pouch Bleach dyed vintage denim

Road map Lace and calico tote bag

Anchor Star Flag Tote Bag Commodore Boat yacht club

Stripe Tote Bag Cotton canvas rope tie Nautical Sailor

Old hand stencil Tote pouch Bleach dyed vintage denim

Nautical Anchor angel wing small Tote pouch Bleach dyed vintage denim

all at funkomavintage......