Friday, January 9, 2009

Long and Plaid !

Plaid is cool...plaid is for everyone...and plaid is back!
In the fashion world the popularity of plaid rises and falls....
and it's all about plaid right now.

Plaid was a big deal in the 70s. It can have a boho, earthy quality in natural tones. A big deal in that time was the maxi...ankle length dresses, skirts and coats for that romantic hippie look.
This coat has wood toggle buttons and a big collar, and hood. It's back in style again...and listed on ebay.

In the punk anti-fashion fashion movement of the late 70s and beyond...
designers like Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren who opened their Let It Rock boutique in London’s Chelsea in 1971, used Royal Stewart tartans, the royal personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II, as a political symbol of protest against government oppression by subverting, tearing, cutting, pinning and writing provocative statements on the esteemed tartan.

Here's a dress that combines tartan and vinyl, in a punk way...
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The history of tartan goes back to the French word, tiretain, meaning woven cloth. Tartan usually refers to special plaid patterns. The word plaid is derived from the Scottish Gaelic plaide, meaning "blanket". Originally plaid was first used to describe the rectangular, blanket-like garment, sometimes made up of tartan, that preceeded the modern kilt. And as we all know, kilts are mostly made of plaid patterned fabric! Wanna find a tartan pattern name? click here