Sunday, April 1, 2012

Man garb

when you're tired of wearing nothing but a stinky Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, toddler shorts and white Nikes....take a look at vintage and dress like a grownup man....

no fooling around !
how about...

a 40s vintage Shirt gabardine Celadon Green NOS Rayon blend,
a vintage Van Heusen 60s Shirt purple calico,
a pair of vintage Izod madras Plaid Pants 1970s , 
a pair of vintage Redline 501 Levis Blue denim jeans....a vintage 60s Sharkskin suit??

A suit

vintage denim work jacket, with very clever chainstitches

70s Willis and Geiger safari shirt

40s vintage khaki military officers shirt..

From A Continuous Lean, Taylor Supply, new man clothes, made in the US. 

go here.

Redline Levis

a pair of vintage Converse, vintage leather boots, Redwing Boots, cowboy boots, work shoes