Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's getting spooky in Here......

Havin' a ball Y'all......making some spooky things.
Who has old teeth laying around? I do.
I'm enamoured of the oval frame, and with the teeth ..comes a little morbid anatomy...a little taxidermy....gothic Jewelry.
a silver-washed adjustable ring I added an oval black lace cameo, and a ceramic tooth...a fake tooth, from a dental supply.
Spooky Halloween Tooth Ring with black Cameo Lace

I adore this quality ring...I searched high and low for a lovely thing....I love the baroque designs all around the ring....
and unlike most other adjustable metal rings, this one hides the adjusting area....
and no pinch!
It can adjust from a size 5.5 to about a 10.5.

what else has thatyountvillegirl been crafting?.....
Creeepy !

Circled with a black lace ruffle, the witch fabric pin is great for an October accessory.
Handmade from silly fabric, this witch is wearing her skinny black pointy shoes.
She balances on her broom.... She's So Fly !

Victorian anatomy pin is a perfect accessory for the morgue.
Handmade pin is made from printed cotton fabric in black with bright yellow bones. It is topped with a black and white satin ribbon bow....and ends with swinging fringe. A cute skeleton fancy yet primitive pin to wear this time of year.

Spooky. Creepy. All together ooky...