Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the zeit bikes are so pretty......

and......so friendly.
and completely understandable.
And pretty. And kinda weird.
They are "gettable" immediately.

I told Mark his entry was too hard...too subtle ......it's Art in the big city sense.
If I would have had time to make a zeit bike I would have covered it in fur and made it an animal of some several types.
Get it? Bike as a throwback to organic renewable grabbable transportation.
If I'd have covered a bike in easy to get materials, just some random crap I found in the alley, maybe I'd have been chosen.
But the idea that a bike is an instrument of torture...that it might be quite painful to ride........
...is an unpopular concept.
Since I had it displayed in front of the shop , every single person that saw it commented on it.......and were confused.....but all comments centered around the idea that riding a bike would be hard and painful......and inconvenient........
Yes, that's right. But changing patterns of modern urban and rural and cul-de-sac living.....
is Hard.
Changing our nasty ways isn't as easy as changing lightbulbs. It will require more thought, and a revolution in the way we think of the planet and what we want and why we want.
And ....Trailblazer.......
Be A Trailblazer.
Think outside the moss.