Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pitti Uomo Men on the streets of Florence Italy

Pitti Uomo men's trade show in Italy, attracts some very stylish men who put their clothes together in a most unique way. They seldom look like a runway model dressed in designer clothes...these "street-style" men are much more talented than 99% of the designers in the overhyped world of fashion. For decades...Designers and their Fashions are just boring. Occasionally a designer like Alexander McQueen does something exciting....most of the rest of 'em....Yawn!

Here is a fella dressed in a fedora, a white  shirt with a skinny black tie, and short pants.....and.....a redline denim apron.....
Of course funkomavintage and her alter ego, that yountville girl, has designed a line of denim aprons, so we were surprised and so happy to see an apron that's similar to ours worn by a fashion maverick. Aprons....not just for the workshop now!
all pitti uomo photos from WWD, Kuba Dabrowski.

Most menswear fashion shows are full of Bore....sometimes it becomes ridiculous with goofy designs meant only to get attention....But of what looked sensible and wearable, I saw a lot of flowers and florals, especially 40s Hawaiian florals, and a lot of sweaters that resemble the 40s Jantzen sweaters with reindeer, snowflakes, ski scenes, and even airplanes.
all pitti uomo photos from WWD, Kuba Dabrowski.

We saw a lot of chambray shirts and bandanas...and snappy little neck scarves too.

Bandanas.....khaki pants.....vintage chambray shirts here.......all great old classics.

we always have lots of vintage Levis to choose from..we love the classics! there's nothing more cool than blue denim, we think, and we offer lots of jeans, Made in the USA.
We like classic shoes too. Workwear shoes available here. Blue denim and Levis here.

And it isn't just the young men who know how to dress well........

 all pitti uomo photos from WWD, Kuba Dabrowski.

There's that chambray and denim look again.......

....and vintage sunglasses....at funkomavintage...... Gotta accessorize! 

 here's the link to a great WWD slide show of great looking men and their arty clothing choices.