Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Classics are not Boring

Classical music, classic clothes and manners are often deemed... Boring. No they aren't! They are the old reliables in a very fast fast world.
Classics are always the right choice. Everybody likes them. They raise your IQ by several points.

Funkomavintage loves the classics. Music. Tweeds. Denim. Leather boots. Pretty calicos. Sturdy wool sweaters. And classic Disney movies.

Oh sure, the classics need a little tweak from time to time. Perhaps the hem is shorter, or longer, Perhaps the lapel is wider or slimmer. And sometimes, the eye and the brain just need a little expansion.

Classical music was moribund. It was boring. It was pastoral. It was classy! But Russian Igor Stravinsky changed all that on the 29th of May 1913. When he presented the The Rite of Spring at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees, it caused a riot!
Yes, corsetted women in fur and velvet, and mustachioed men in silk and lace and fine woolens stormed the Ballet Russe stage in Paris France. While Stravinsky's score has some familiar elements of melody and chords, and seemed like Russian folk music, it marched and flew and stormed off into avant -garde heights of near-madness and sheer acoustic delight.

Igor Stravinsky with 'Dancers' by Matisse

The chords were wild, the music was not soothing. It was chaos. It was brilliant.
Eventually, it was accepted, and in 1940 Walt Disney chose it to score a segment of a brilliant Disney film, one of funkomavintage's favorites.

Click this link to Cornel1081 to watch and listen to Disney Fantasia, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, The Rite of Spring, and the brilliant (there's that word again) efforts of these talents.

Fantasia-disneyscreencaps com-4524

  • Directed by Bill Roberts and Paul Satterfield
  • Story development/research: William Martin, Leo Thiele, Robert Sterner, and John Fraser McLeish
  • Art direction: McLaren Stewart, Dick Kelsey, and John Hubley
  • Background painting: Ed Starr, Brice Mack, and Edward Levitt
  • Animation supervision: Wolfgang Reitherman and Joshua Meador
  • Animation: Philip Duncan, John McManus, Paul Busch, Art Palmer, Don Tobin, Edwin Aardal, and Paul B. Kossoff
  • Special camera effects: Gail Papineau and Leonard Pickley 
  • (this info bit from the Disney Fantasia Wiki, click here) 

What does funkomavintage have in store? Lots of 517 and 501 vintage Levi jeans, Tweed jackets, Harris and vintage midcentury, those sturdy sweaters and boots boots boots! 

vintage Harris Tweed jackets --

Sturdy vintage sweaters --

and vintage leather boots -- tall or short --

Monday, August 24, 2015

Earthquake in the Trailer Park Tonight, revisted.

We're here because we're tired of the rat race, done with the rat race, or kicked out of the rat race. We are discontented, malcontented, disabled and differently abled. We're sad, but we are happy. We have our own little world in the trailer park.

On food stamp payday, we barbeque, on minimum wage payday we shop at the CP Thrift Store.
And, on each Saturday morning, neighbors come for the Free Food that some local do-gooder Christians hand out. It's all starchy GMO crap with an occasional  organic reject from Whole Foods.

Because we live in well-planned manufactured tin cans, we actually have good housing. Quality homes that have features that far surpass our incomes. Our roofs don't leak because we make good use of Kool Seal white roof coat, and lots of UV- resistant tarps. We make good use of no-cost, low-cost repairs and it is good-enough repairs. Our homes are not exactly tight, but they really do hold together.

Many of us live in RVs on rubber wheels so when the earthquake hit at 3:20 a.m we shook, rattled and didn't roll over and didn't fall down.
After the screaming and the cussing we all piled out of our houses like angry ants when the field is on fire. We yelled for each other to make sure we were still among the living and the younger ones jumped up to go bang on doors and make dang sure we were all doing OK.

  We have a generator because an RV is a mobile home, literally. We have all the modern conveniences of any American home. An RV is just like a McMansion, only much much smaller.  We have refrigerators, and water heaters on demand.
We also have propane tanks to run the heaters and the cooking stoves and batteries to run the electricity inside, if we don't want to plug into the Grid.  As long as the water lines hold, we have clean sparkling water.

We know we all depend on tax money from a generous and caring society. We know the disability check and the Social Security check will come. We know the bus lines will come and the streetlights will shine.

Outside in the dark August night we took care of each other -- charged cell phones, made big pots of coffee and shared bottled water. We also broke out the beer and the whiskey because a party at 4:00 a.m. is a Universal thing! We pulled chairs around in groups and in each row of our trailer park we all laughed and gossipped and knew that come daylight, we would have a hell of  a clean-up.

As predicted, the sun did rise and as we recovered our sea legs we each ambled home. Each of us so glad our tin cans held together (mostly), and only listed off (somewhat).
The same life we had the day before the earthquake went on as before because for us, each day is a non-cliche new beginning.

On the edges of America, on the borders of the cultures, we have to scan the shadows and look for the daily bread, the place to rest and we do not take for granted that life will be easy. But we do demand that your neighbor is your friend on the spinning earth.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Get the vintage IRL

Cordelia California is a wide spot in the road with a railroad that runs through it. And... there is a railroad theme restaurant that sadly, has closed but, happily it now houses lots of antiques, vintage, old stuff and newer gifty type stuff.  Cordelia Junction Antique Mall.

It's at the corner of I-80 and Suisun Valley Road, kind of.  Just south of Fairfield. California. You'll see the big big signs on the side of the old train depot from the freeway.  Here's a link  to their Facebook page with updates about new stuff just in/ and just sold.
Since it has about 70 dealers, stuff changes fast or not. One whole side of the building is furniture such as couches and sofas, dining and bedroom sets and bookcases and stuff like that. It's housed in the old restaurant and that is fun and sad at the same time. I really really wish it was still open. Cocktail bar with Fresh Oysters served to you by a waitress named Susan or  Helen.  
 Here's a link to the Yelp page. 
 The address and phone number is 4560 Central Way, Fairfield, CA,
(707) 864-1244, and they are open Tuesday thru Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm.
We are up on the 2nd floor of the right hand side of the antiques mall, space #432.  Here's what we look like --
a lot does change but the background... burlap, old paint drops and a wall of chicken wire always remains.

you will always find... vintage clothes, old Army stuff, and vintage home decor.
We like to always have small furniture.... bookshelves, small chests and cupboards and trunks.

Wicker basket, vintage Hawaiian shirts, clocks, lamps, vintage letters, typewriters, shell lamps, chairs and small tables. We try to always have old media and technology like old cameras, record players, speakers, radios and sometimes a vintage projector.

Early August 2015, we moved this pair of  little charmers in!
Vintage chests straight from Grandma's back porch. Each is priced under 100.00.
One is crackled vintage jadeite green and faded pink with a drawer and 2 doors, just perfect for storing canned goods, winter boots, or hiding dirty laundry and hippie soap and bleach bottles.

Each of them are about 30" high, and 3 ft long by 16" deep.

The top, with a vintage hand painted floral on a black metal magazine rack, and a tiny globe bank by Ohio Art.

Newer handles and knobs, and lots of rustic charm on this vintage chest. Loooove the faded colors too.

The other chest is painted gray and has a drawer, and 2 doors, like the other one, but this one has a fresher paint treatment.
They can sit in an entry and hold those winter gloves and boots, and hats and baskets for the mail, and all the important stuff you need as you come in or leave the house.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hawaii Tiki Polynesia

Hardly nothing is more 50s fun in the sun than all things Hawaiian, all things Tiki, and that palm tree, laying on the beach, drinking a tall cool one, Polynesia style.
Don the Beachcomber built a bar in LA during the 30s and decked it out with Tiki and Hawaiian decor of bamboo, coconuts, wicker baskets and chairs and old fishing nets. He served drinks heavy with rum and fruit. What fun eh? Here's a pic of Bob Hope acting goofy and dancing with a lovely lady in a tropical print dress.

It was an immediate hit with Hollywood types looking for a break from depressing news. Don the Beachcomber helped start a trend of over-the-top theme restaurants with a Polynesian Islander feel and a menu to match.   Lots of pork, and ginger, fish of all kinds, and calamari too. The menu is a blend of Asian, Polynesian, Hawaiian, and other tropical locations cuisine.

take a look at this fun table set for a luau on the patio, right in your own backyard! 

Gorgeous prints from tropical climates, and all those bright colors and big flowers too.
Here's a few in the funkomavintage shop on etsy right now. Shirts for guys and gals, and dresses, and fun 50s Springolators for the ultimate summer sandal.

What's more island, beach, sand and sun than surfin' ?

Vintage Hawaiian shirts often have metal "Chinese coin" buttons. The colors are bright, and often have hibiscus flowers, tiki and other Polynesian motifs. Palm trees, islands, surf and sea, with boats and sunshine and those big big flowers, are often the things you'll find on a Hawaiian shirt.
They are cut to fit looser than a regular short sleeve shirt. Loose and airy, just right for having a good time at the party or the bar, and staying cool in the heat.

Jam's World prints are designed right in Hawaii and always capture the spirit of the islands.

Don't forget a fun pair of shorts too. Pair with a very not-serious tshirt, and you can show up at any backyard luau, ready for fun, and sun, and good times.

How about  a Hawaiian dress or a tropical blouse? 

I just adore this crazy print Tiki set by Tori Richard. It has an Asian-influenced jacket or tunic, with a matching pair of pants.

Or a tunic? Or a caftan? worn to a tropical theme party or a fun island-style night out on the town, adds that dramatic festive feeling.

Vintage 50s Springolators are the  Classic 50s sunny day shoe! You might recognize this as "the Barbie shoe". Her feet were shaped just for this kind of slip-on sandal.

And look! Here they are on the feet of this cutie on the early 60s Ventures album, vintage vinyl my friends.

 Known as mules or sandals, a pair of Springolators will instantly transform you from the daily grind, to the  tropical vacation of your dreams. :-)