Tuesday, February 5, 2008

rich people suck, or stupid people suck ...or something....

From a Vancouver CAN blog, The Commodified, a compiler of street fashion......
comes this disturbing post......
and informative too.

80s "fashion" is a joke. I hope you know that. It is funny to see it recycled!!
Those puffs. Those poofs. Those shoulders. That twinkle. That that stupidity!
So ......fashion does define you whether you know it or not.
If you're in Mall-purchased dark wash designer flare jeans and mid heel pointy toe flats with a little jacket.....hmm, you are playing it safe. OK.
If you are in sporty Nike polarfleece and running shoes when you are not on the track ! you are wanting to be fit and trim and maybe not quite making it. Dunno.
If you are dressed from hither and yon, in lace and leather (or vegan for you neo-hippie types) you are an arty type with an open attitude.
If you are dressed in the latest hipster fare: Short dress, bright colored tights, slouch boots, babydoll or shrunken little boy jacket, you are (hopefully) in your teens or 20s and are cool and probably share an apartment. Sweet.

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