Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey Kids ! I'm moving to Etsy !

waaah, ebay is making some major changes very soon ....I'll keep a presence there, but the bulk of online selling will move to etsy.......I'm working on stocking it up......
and the link will be over there on the right.....right now ~

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tacoma: 2nd Place: Amazing Race !


TK & Rachel
Ron & Christina
2nd Place
Nicolas & Donald
3rd Place
Nathan & Jennifer - eliminated
Kynt & Vyxsin - eliminated
Azaria & Hendekea - eliminated
Shana & Jennifer - eliminated
Lorena & Jason - eliminated
Marianna & Julia - eliminated
Kate & Pat - eliminated
Ari & Staella - eliminated
Tacoma-ish Daddy and Daughter came in 2nd in the Amazing Race !!!!
Yeah, boy don't ya know it .
I pretty much stopped watching after Kynt & Vyxsin lost........but I was junkie for a while ?!!!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog-Pals, Real Pals & Home Show !

Been so busy with taking over the world ! I haven't taken any new pics ...oh well, later on that gator.
But! I did have a visit from a virtual blog-pal.....yes, in the flesh .....Kevin!!

we chatted about all things Tacoma.....yeah Us!
my pal Julie was here hanging around and she is old school Tacoma so we 3 were all excited about chatting about Tacoma and all the doings, the bars, the restaurants, the rants, the SoDo, my neighbors, Freighthouse Sq., LeMay You-See-Um...will it come or not? And all manner, like I said, of Tacoma !!!!
And Kenny popped in .....used to have Yung's Teriyaki next door....
and folks from Seattle here to see Girl Trouble.....
I told them my daughter Jan was a Go-Go dancer for GT along with Neko Case
back in the day (yes that Neko Case!)
And many more visited funkoma (I directed folks to eateries...The Chamber of Commerce should pay ME !! big time !!)

Here's what I have now for a garden.....good start...needs a big weedin' and some color ! hurrrrry up spring !

At the Home & Garden show.............
I really wanna see the flowers, the dahlias, the Tagro display (my gal pal Amber works for the County in the um, Tagro department ..she has a shitty job.....no joke)
Here's the 411, homies (I love using old outdated hip urban language since I must mock myself before you do)
Have I told you I had an organic farm, sold at GigHarbor Farmers Mkt, and had a landscaping business for a while? No. Consider yerself told, then.
Paris in Tacoma: A team of sand sculptors will create a 40-foot-high Parisian scene, including the Eiffel Tower, with 400 tons of sand.
Landscape dreams: Win a $25,000 Extreme Front Yard makeover. For entry info, visit www.kmps.com or stop by the entry booth at the show.
Display gardens: A classic garden with stepping stones, water features and protected patio seating.
DIY: Tools for sale for the do-it-yourself set come from Makita, DeWalt and other manufacturers; tough-and-ready clothing from Carhartt, Helly Hansen and more.
Garden greats: Area experts like Ed Hume, Marianne Binetti, Ciscoe Morris and others share their knowledge. Tommy Hill talks about garden ponds and keeping koi fish happy.
More expert talk: Pierce County Solid Waste Division educators teach you to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste to compost.
Show times: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday and Feb. 2; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 3.
Tickets: $9 general, $7 seniors (62 and older) weekdays only; children age 12 and younger admitted free. Two-day passes are available for $14, or $10 for seniors.
Discount coupons: Get $2 off adult and senior weekday admission; available at Puget Sound area KeyBank locations or at www.otshows.com.
Call: 253-756-2121.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mr Exit 133 ...Radio...tonight

Mr. e-133 will be on a radio program tonight at 9pm. KUOW. 94.9 fm. You prolly knew that. Well, that's what they just said.
Wonder what Derek will say.

I'm a CASA, Are You & Govt at UWT

Got this the other day....in case you haven't
my pal James wanted me to go last yr, but I was quite ill all spring.
I'm going this time....are you????
I thought some of you may be interested in this!

>>> NEWS_from_Pierce_County 1/22/2008 8:30:19 AM >>>
[Forwarded in the community interest by the Department of Communications]

The City of Tacoma's Neighborhood Council Office, in cooperation with the University of Washington Tacoma's Urban Studies Program, is offering six free public sessions of the Government Leadership Institute on Mondays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on the UWT campus, Keystone Building Auditorium, 1900 Commerce St. The series begins Jan. 28, and registration isn't required.

The purpose of the sessions is to provide an opportunity for the general public and students to share the same classroom and to educate and inform both. It will also provide an opportunity for both citizens and students to consider real-life perspectives. The following sessions will be provided:

- Jan. 28: Government structure and organization
- Feb. 4: Intergovernmental coordination/regionalism
- Feb. 11: Economic development/quality of life
- Feb. 25: Homelessness/mental health/job training
- March 3: Schools
- March 10: Making decisions in Tacoma

CONTACT: Elton Gatewood, Community and Economic Development, egatewoo@cityoftacoma.org , 253-591-5229; or Roxanne Murphy, Community Relations, roxanne.murphy@cityoftacoma.org , 253-591-2054

The Crown is Tarnished......

While other Tacoma residents in blogworld get kudos for saying nothing but nice things.....there is a person or 2 that must, um, poke your bubble.
Not the White Liberal Olympia Bubble (I'm a greener grad.....Yes, I went to school in Olympia......yeah yeah.....)
But back to me and my dinner with my friends at the Crown Bar and Dining Establishment.
Since I lived in the NorthEnd for almost 25 years and Mark has been around these parts even longer.....we are more than qualified to judge.
We say nice things when they are earned and deserved. We say the truth that others are afraid to say.....what.......why is that?
Don't answer.
The dinner out with my friends is always a delight. Mark and I live in a totally different world than they do. Most of them work in cubicles. Swing a dead cat and you will hit a Big Northwest Company or 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever....and others are actual Teachers who Teach your children so you don't have to.
As soon as I got the e-tation in my inbox, I knew my dinner out was gonna cost me a Cool Dead President or 10 or 100.
And it did. Now I don't mind buying good food/booze around town. I hate cooking at home, but I do like drinking at home and parties at my friends' homes....

First, the Decor is 98% IHOP. What is up with the UGLEEEEE Silver paint on the rocks. It is superbly ugly and made my meal taste yuk.
Second, the food is mostly french fries which were good. But, seriously 10 dollars for a plate of fries?
Third, I don't eat much...Mark often finishes half my food before he feels full (and he's still pretty slim you know)
Not only was there nothing left on my plate (I had the Big Mushroom on the Teeny Bun), But Mark left the place Hungry even after eating appetizers and the Macaroni and Cheese.
Fourth, it was a DELITE to see our former neighbor Heather, as the best waitress in the NorthEnd. (Joan and Rose are the best on the waterfront). Heather is superb as a server. She was sweet. She was efficient. She was never intrusive, yet she was a snappy little mind-reader! Those are skillz, baby!
Fifth, the martinis were great, and the bartendress was a pro! KUDOs!
Sixth, If you are looking for an overpriced Denny's Experience, eat at the Crown.
Seventh, Save your money for Harbor Lights or TwoKoi ....better in every category.
Eighth, no I don't care that everyone is supposed only say nice things. Yummy food is not that hard to produce. I, even I, owned and designed and cooked 99% of the food/beverages at my joint, STEILACOOM FORGE DELI. and I don't even really like cooking.
Ninth, The bathrooms were clean. Laura and I enjoyed them.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monster Jam, City of Tacoma, Misery

Monster Jam is a series of live events and television show created by Live Nation (formerly Clear Channel Entertainment). The series is sanctioned under the umbrella of the USHRA and takes place primarily in the United States. Although individual event formats can vary greatly based on the "intermission" entertainment, the marque entertainment is always the racing and freestyle competitions by monster trucks.

Am I the only person in Tacoma that knows Clear Channel is putting on the Monster Jam show at the T-Dome? The T-Dome that the City of Tacoma owns? The Clear Channel that the City of Tacoma is wrestling with over billboards? RR ? Word Up !

Ok, I know I live a block from the T-Dome. duh. But every time there's an event the monkeys schlup by and park all over.......and in my parking lot and pee in the lot and smoke pot and drink beer.......

This particular event is ultra-disturbing because: HELLO ! Did or Did Not Al Gore just win the Nobel Prize?
Monster Jam uses up how much oil/gas/ pollution.....and the driving here of all the minivans and SUV's........
There is just no hope for the planet.........no, the planet will go on and on........but humanity and animals and stuff will decline and suffer.........
Oh Well.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

First Third Thursday ArtWalk of 2008

Was special !
I completely missed Daniel Blue......saw Derek. In fact I doubt I've seen Daniel Blue since his first selling event at Trish's Craptastic Sale back in the day. Daniel Blue is a myth.
The Helm show was making fun of me. And now I know why I haven't been able to find a funky afghan at the Value Village for the last month. Petted Mike in his Sgt Pepper Jacket.
I wanted to see more of what was there but my view was blocked by a gaggle of skinny hipsters...............
le sigh
Met Nanette in Cheryl & Alan's basement. Sweet.
Impromtu Gallery renewed my belief in the Art of Redemptive Art.........I had lost it about 30 minutes before......at The Helm........such is life !
I'm still waiting for The Helm to add me as a MySpace friend.
It may be a long wait.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

London graffiti wall sells for 208,000 pounds on eBay

So....it is not a given that Graffiti art is Vandalism.....there are actually places on the globe that see the Big Picture.... (<----joke) but that place ain't Tacoma. It could be Tacoma. But don't hold your breath. Too many people here are peeing in their pants.....big scaredy cats. The thing I hate most about Tacoma is its tiny parochial mindset. Have you never been to a Real Big City?
And this link here..right here will take you to RR and his witty colored crayons.

London graffiti wall sells for 208,000 pounds on eBay

LONDON (AFP) — A wall painted on by mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy painted sold for 208,100 pounds (275,750 euros, 407,000 dollars) on Monday, according to the results of an eBay auction.

The painting depicts a classical-looking artist in mostly-grey garb putting the finishing touches on a red large painting of the real artist's name.

It appeared in September on the wall outside a production company's office in Portobello Road, famous for its antiques and curios in Notting Hill, west London.

The sale on the Internet auction site attracted 69 bids, and the buyer now faces the additional charge of moving the work of art and replacing the wall.

And from the other side of the globe:

Our friends in the north

"South African puppets, a light show with lighthouses, and lots and lots of trolls ... Alfred Hickling reports from Stavanger - Europe's other Capital of Culture ....."

"...... There's a danger that in a society where everyone is middle class, there will also be a certain insularity and a reticence to submit to new ideas."

Oh Dear !!

Graffiti Art in Tacoma ? What Do We Know ?

Let's begin here:
Beautiful Angle:

I sent out this:
Hello Art People,
I may be pre-freaking out abit, but, some of you may know I asked for Tacoma folks to come out and paint my walls...and they did ! I had a bonafide artist (as opposed to Folks!) do the upper wall. His name is Tam, and it looks like graffiti but it is not of course. It is Art. My question is: May I count on some support from the community if I get slapped with a citation for "gang graffiti"? Funny thing is ....in our spare time, we paint out real gang graffiti in the block, and we were gonna paint out Tam's work within a few days anyway......since it's not everyone's cuppa Tea...heck it's not even really my cuppa Tea....but I am an Art - Supporter !
funkoma vintage
306 E. 26th

I got these:

I think it
should be ok though, since up on 6th Ave. Tower lanes
bowling ally got a real graffiti artist to do a mural
on the side of their building. It is definitely
graffiti styling and it has been there for several
months now, so I am assuming the police can't ticket
legitimate art, or it would be gone by now.
-------------and another ----------------------------------------------
If you commissioned the artwork, then it is not graffiti. I had this discussion with the authorities earlier this year when I spray painted some of my own *** ******** stencils on my garage. They cannot inhibit your freedom of speech or expression. If they did, you could easily take your case to the Civil Liberties Union and/or the media.
It was interesting because graffiti had been on our garage for over a year; it wasn't gang related. We tired of it and decided *** would be a good addition. Shortly after *** went up, we received a graffiti needs to be removed notice. I discussed the complaint with someone in city hall, and, while it was okay to have the *** up, they would appreciate it if we removed the other graffiti, which we did. My conclusion was that someone found *** offensive and reported us because the other graffiti had been up for well over a year. That said, I'm thinking about putting up a big ** symbol on the garage to see if someone reports that.

Anyway, I appreciate people who support graffiti art. There are many talented graffiti artists out there, who have made places more beautiful, interesting, and challenging.

Well, there is a vast difference between Graffiti and Graffiti Art. One is vandalism and one is art. The one that is art has to be asked for or at least tolerated by the owner of the canvas. If a property owner does not remove the art, then it is art and is protected by the constitution. Also, then, the owner may remove it. There is no law yet on who owns the art once it is created on a wall,for instance. Could an artist bring a suit against an owner and win? Not likely, but maybe. Once art is bought or received as a gift it belongs to the new owner not the creator.

Our little controversy in Tacoma and the Broadway Art Garages is a Perfect Example of the stupidity of Tacoma. (not everyone in Tacoma is stupid, of course)
Did Riley know he didn't have to paint out everything? Maybe he didn't want to bother with it. I do know Riley to be a fine person, and even tho he is as rich as Midas, he is a reasonable person (considering he is a landlord !!)<-- joke.
I don't believe for one Minute that TPD suddenly got all art critic and filed a complaint with the City on a graffiti code violation. But it sure illustrates (get it) what is Wrong with Tacoma.
This town now has no flippin' Clue what is art. No clue about was is an "Urban Experience". The condos and the yuppies want to live in Disneyland and is the City far too willing to recreate Tacoma in the mold of WaltDisney? Well,yes.
I think those of us who think about art (what separates art from craft is the Strong Emotion that art makes you feel) is when the City decided NOT to choose Warhol to put a design on the Tacoma Dome.....and chose those insipid stupid diamond things.


Not This:

So Tacoma if you want art, REAL ART, you are so on your own.
Do not look to the City for anything that is real.
The City of Tacoma and the phony arbiters of art (snicker) HATE YOU .

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Train The Train !

Another point.......and an example.
The London Times printed this today about biodiesel. When Mark and I were at Evergreen we became interested in biodiesel and so he made it and we drove biodiesel cars...you may remember my car especially......the brown Mercedes with the bowling lady hood ornament........Well.......as I pointed out a while back.....biodiesel is a stop-gap measure and should be abandoned as a fuel source.

While they have the potential to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change, biofuels will devastate forests and other habitats unless controlled, scientists said.

The Royal Society report of a 14-month inquiry was published as the European Union announced that its targets for biofuels are to be re-examined because of fears of their impact on the environment. Stavros Dimas, its Environment Commissioner, said that the environmental consequences of boosting biofuel production and the effects on poor communities were bigger than originally thought. from the London Times

The Example: Mark, John and I walked out of our penthouse on Sunday night, we said:
Peeweh !!
There was a stinky gray pall hanging over the neighborhood. Ghost of Old Tacoma? No. A train had just rumbled by, which is fine. But and it's a Big But, it was Diesel in the Air. That's what I'm saying.

Now I know, boy do I know, that the Dome District is the unwanted red-headed stepchild of The Downtown Renaissance......
(do we get a Festival in our end.....No ! There is ZERO City of Tacoma promotion of our district...there are NO Fairs, Events or clean-ups comparable to um, First Night or Taste of Tacoma.....nothing.)

but, diesel is a dying technology. I'm sure the Light Rail Hobo Train laughs at the big trains as they stink by, while Light Rail skips lightly thru town.....(wow, that's poetry!)
And diesel can't be replaced by biodiesel.....tho smelling like French Fries is cool, it is not sustainable.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Geoffrey Beene Vintage Dress Superb Tailoring !

Until the evening of January 14th, this 60s vintage
Beene dress is on auction in my ebay store !
Geoffrey Beene was born in Louisiana in 1927.
At Tulane University in New Orleans, he began
to study medicine, but dropped out in 1946.
A year later, while still a teenager, he moved
to New York City and worked at a number of fashion
houses. He worked with Harmay and Teal Traina in
Paris and New York City.

His own company, Geoffrey Beene, Inc., was
started in 1963 on Seventh Avenue
in Manhattan. Lady Bird Johnson,
Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Faye Dunaway,
Gloria Vanderbilt, Glenn Close and wealthy
socialites were among his famous clients.
He was beloved by Ladies Who Lunch.

In 1964 and 1965 Beene won the Neiman Marcus
Award and over his long career he won eight
coveted Coty Awards for his high
quality ready-to-wear clothing.
He also won four Council of Fashion Designers
of America awards.

Around the world, fashion and art museums
display his garments. Not only
are they superbly constructed as if couture,
but they enhance a woman's
body as if a work of art.
Says Issey Miyake, who apprenticed with Beene
in 1969: "His design is
clean and clear and strong, just the way he is
in life. He always keeps
creativity No. 1 and business No. 2. He never
In the 70s, Beene relaxed his structure and
began to make more modern clothes of slinky
synthetics. He always incorporated a sense of humor.
Also in the 1970's he started Beene Bag, a fashion line
aimed for the younger set.

After more than 40 years in fashion design he
died at age of 77. Some say he was actually 80.
April 27th is "Geoffrey Beene Day" in his home
state of Louisiana.
A gift from his estate to Sloan-Kettering has
launched an ambitious
research initiative known as the Geoffrey Beene
Cancer Research Center.

Here's a great obit from the NY Times.

More detail, including a bit about
his successor in the Geoffrey Beene line.

Friday, January 11, 2008

RIP Vampira

Just a girl......
and a fashion icon for the dark little ones.
Clicky here for her life story....and now sad to say, she has passed away.

Tacoma is cute but it ain't no big

Hard to believe, I know, but I have been to the Big Shitty (as Dina Martina would say)
So few quality people in the world. And art oh art. I'd sure like to take a big slug o' you right now. Christ maybe I should close up and go on down to Alfred's and check out the overpass, 'eh?
well, here is Murphy.... I miss him more than just words. He has a lot of friends. But watching him grow up....well, I knew he was special boy.......not ShortBus special but he has all the stuff one wants in a pal who understands wtf is real. And he is not afraid of living it, and saying it.
He loves Tyra Banks. (well, who doesn't?) So aren't we proud of him? Did anyone doubt that he could not stay here in T-Town. I knew he had to go. Just as Mark and I will leave in few more years.
No, we are not surprised to see him picked from a crowd on the Mere Power of His Specialness.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

100th Post, Wailers and Legal Intrigue

You may know or you may not know, I intended for about the last 50 years to go to Law School.
I have likely changed my mind. Altho in possession of a BA and being a paralegal, I found in 2 years of Cube Farm Job Hunting, that because I am very very old, no one would hire me.
Pish, you may say: "They didn't hire you because you are weird." And you may have a point.

But one of the last classes I took in legalworld was Employment Law.
I learned how companies give the appearance of fairness to avoid age-discrimination lawsuits while actually recoiling from hiring anyone over the age of 40 unless we be talkin' super-talent...you know, those who are a cruel capitalist who live only to pump up CEO salaries and stock market value for investors at the expense of our general welfare.....
here's a link to a blogstory thing....about an age-discrim suit against Starbucks.....(ever wonder why everyone working there is 23 1/2?)
OK, now on to Tacoma.
The Wailers , Wailers, without the The, Lawsuit. (dig?)
via Seattle Trademark Lawyer, who defended the Jamaican band of Bob Marley fame.
And I'm just telling you this to tell you this:

WELL, I am working on my art portfolio....really. This is part of it. I have 2 rather public projects I am working on..they require stuff, so I have to collect the stuff I need for them. But I will start on another that I can do almost immediately.
This shop is a front/workshop for nefarious activities -- you know -- poking fun and disparaging the uber-capitalism of it all.

and for my 100th post, I want to tell you my favorite color of the week is olive.
It makes an appearance often in my favorite color of the week paradigm.

Oh, that's a Gratuitous Picture of the new Amy Winehouse.

see you Friday and Saturday at the shop...Going to the Dome Wedding Show? Why not?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ha Ha Murray Morgan Bridge T shirt...

Memories..from the corners of my mind....

whilst spending quality time with my cute husband, he found this for me:

I'll be adding this to my collection and I found a Dock St Bar tank top....with the silkscreen quite askew......I guess I'll have to pad one side more than the other to get the pelican to stand up straight..altho...maybe that's how one looks after spending time at the Dock !
I know that's how I stand....

It's Sweater Weather !

These auctions end tonight...the sweaterdress is in my ebay store

Vintage 30s/40s Pitt - U of Pittsburgh College Sweater !

Darlene Print vintage 60s angora blend sweater

50s Vintage Beaded Boucle Knit dress !

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tina Leser Sexy Secretary 50s Vintage Dress

Wow !
Vintage early 50s...
Is this an amazing dress or what ??
Delightful designer Tina Leser
Sexy Secretary style is a soft yummy wool knit, a Foreman, top quality...
and the collar and cuffs are silk satin.......I love how they peak !
Easy pleats on the skirt and pockets ! A gal needs pockets....

this auction ends on Wednesday evening....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Food is my new neighbor !

Friesenburgers is Open ! 308 E 26th. 7 am till 4 pm, Monday thru Friday
Diner fare & Breakfast....
fone: 253-203-6753
fax: 253-444-3562
email: Friesenburgers@gmail.com

Another reason to come on up.....because I now have a next door neighbor......I may now be open on occasional Thursdays.....but always, always on Fridays and Saturdays......
gee whiz, you'd think my street was on the Alcan Hiway......folks,
it's only a few blocks from El Groucho....and near the Tacoma Dome.....which
you always pass on your way to the Top......crimeny !