Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sleek classy early 1960s style

I so applaud the mini-trend I see trying to educate men to grow up and stop dressing like a 9 year old. I am sick of seeing grown men, in slobby oversized tshirts and those retarded cargo pocket short/pants things ......
See Mark. ...linen slacks, crisp white cotton shirt, black skinny braces, vintage watch and vintage RayBans....

from the blog 2xbreasted, which is all about artful men's fashion.
allow me to show you how a grown up dresses.

and in 2009, a lot of that sleek 60s-ness was channeled in this Moschino spring show.

Shorter pants......not everyone can pull that off....but there's a lot of goodness there...simple classic lines and some effort in good grooming......all guys can do that much.

These early 60s Levis hopsack pants have the skinny legs and tapered hemlines. Hopsack is a rather thickly woven fabric sorta like a nice domesticated burlap, but soft.
Shorter length...nice.

Another style that Levi's has remade...... Original 1970s, another sleek style for men.

And finally, put on a real shirt with a real collar and hey...A tie!
whether you choose skinny or wide...Just tie one on & be adult about it.
a selection of 50s 60s vintage skinny ties.

vintage wide ties


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Love this post! All the dudes should study it. Andy is a pretty stylish guy--and he loves the 60s mod sleek look best--but I am still working on weaning him off his love of goofy vintage "funny" t-shirts and into more collared shirts and cozy sweaters.

propriatress said...

Andy is a doll to model, and yes he is stylish!
casual t's and those Dorf shorts 'can' be worn, but according to me, only if one is actually doing something real casual....like cleaning my gutters...mowing my lawn....fixing my car. Or under the age of 17, let's say.
now, if those kids would get off my lawn.....grrr.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

great post. i love how you phrased it: men dressing like 9 year olds.
it is about time men take advantage of the fact they can express themselves in their dress! here's to a smart pair of slacks!

PS: thank you for all your kind comments, it's always a treat to see that you've visited my blog. xo. -Bella Q