Wednesday, February 11, 2015

That 70s California style

Bell bottoms, flares, faded denim, floppy hats... all so 70s. In California, we did it a little bit different. We are in the wild West so we added moccasins, cowboy hats, and lots of leather and fringe with turquoise and silver. We loved and still love..... cool boho clothes from India.

New in the funkomavintage web store ...clicky the links to take you there...  70s denim high waist Seafarer sailor bell bottoms that are completely awesome,
and a patina vintage cowboy hat, very gaucho, in rustic brown wool felt,
and an embroidered Mexican cotton top that is completely hand sewn.

The rustic vintage cowboy hat...clicky

Made in India pink Peacock boho festival dress....clicky
and a vintage leather and suede boho backpack...  clicky

Pink Peacocks, full and floaty boho dress, with little tinkle bells on the cord ties....