Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tiny House, Vintage Camper and the Front Door

Sometimes you just don't want a big big big Xmas tree. Sometimes you want a tiny one. Sometimes you want something made of reclaimed pallet wood and a bit of burlap.
Have I got a thing for you! yes yes yes.

Burlap and old wood is always a favorite combination of mine. The Winnie has burlap curtains... and old wood. Yeah.
Back in the mid-70s, my house on Dry Creek Road had a boring wall behind the wood stove so I thought that would be the perfect place to put a covering of old barn boards. We lived in the country and old barn wood was not a problem. to find.
So I cajoled the old ex into seeing my vision (a common occurence), and saw and nail we did.
Recently, I was staring at the pile of coffee burlap bags in a downtown coffee shop, and staring at the huge coffee burlap bag I use to set up my pictures with, and staring at the tall stack of pallets we collected.
Oh no. Oh yes.

Of course our steps are pallets and we love them!

A small sample of the pile of pallet wood.

And burlap curtains in the Winnie.

So, I designed a small tree, a Christmas tree if you wish, but you can put it on the wall all year long, or on the front door.
You can decorate it. or not.
I painted it rustic white and added burlap.
And if that wasn't clever enough, I designed it to fold up for storage.
Yes! I include a strip of vintage cotton muslin to tie a bow and to make a bow on the treetop if you wish. Feast your eyes.
Yes, a copyright design, from your pals, funkomavintage.
You can buy it at the website, or from the Etsy store.

You can decorate it, or put tiny LED lights around it, or leave it up all year for some rustic cheer, just plain and simple. Suitable for inside or out, but protect it from rain, snow and sunshine.