Saturday, July 21, 2012

Planet Moronica

Planet Moronica.*
The interwebz is full of so much shit that it is so hard to find what I actually want anymore. So many websites with nothing but garbage.

I was looking for info about Converse shoes and this gem popped up....OMG, I Dress Like My Kid ! 
... maybe it's me, and it usually is, but I dress like, either, a 14 year old boy in Cons, moccasins, jeans, t-shirt, sweater or trench coat......or I dress like I slept in my Stevie Nicks costume one day too many.

so, this gal, 
"One day when my son Eddie was 4, I got out of the car at preschool and realized that we were both wearing hoodies, Converse low-tops, jeans and T-shirts. My 36-year-old self and my toddler son were dressed identically."
And I'm thinking...SO WHAT.

yeah, so what? I dress for comfort. Are women still supposed to dress in high heels and pearls and a fake a smile everyday??  If dressing in boy's clothes is what you like, if you are comfortable, I say, Do It!  If dressing like 1952 is what makes you happy, well, same thing. do that.
I was forced to wear a dress to school every damn day of my life as a school girl until.....High School in 1970! yes, CAN  YOU IMAGINE?
You kids can wear anything you want....and us oldsters had to wear a dress (but not the guys, they got to wear pants!)

 anyhoo.......Sally goes on to say ," Unless you have exceptionally amazing hair, hair that would be criminal to cut short (think Maria Shriver), think twice about keeping its length much longer than your shoulders. Do you want dads at the park oggling those tresses from afar, only to get close and feel bummed that you're not 22. (Yes, you're gorgeous in your own way. But not in that 22-year-old way.)"
I can't imagine why any married woman out at the park with her kid would give a flying turd what a dad-man thinks of her.  I guess this poor woman, Sally, has so little self-esteem, she is still dying for man-attention that she wants the eyeball of Any Man to give her his approval.

I find that sad.
I intend to continue to wear my hair long and gray...if I damn well want to, and if I disappoint a 22 year old boy, well, I guess I shall just run that risk.......
So Ladies, dress like you want. Even if you are 74 years old and dress like a clown. Be my guest.
so yeah, I find all the "how to dress for your age" advice ...mostly just sad and so old-fashioned. I like to dress for comfort, or to dress like it's Halloween!
If I actually had a real day job, or had to appear in court, I'd take advice from this sweet lady....the always sartorially sassy Trystan Bass.

and then there was this bit of advice about choosing a new hairdo. (I lost the link to the actual e-article, but trust me, it was dumb.)
It was a post about how to choose a hairdo. yes. Gee, I don't know how to pick a hairdo. I am a grown woman but I can't pick up a magazine at the grocery store??

I can't book an appointment with my hairdresser and ask Mr. Steve, "What length should I do now Mr. Steve? Should I go long or how about those blonde streaks all the ladies are doing now?"

I don't know how I arrived there, at that dumb lady-website, but it made me want to poke out my eyes... Who is that stupid?!?! Even a 5 year old can cut hair.....poorly, but still.
If you land on any blog aimed at women who have hair or wear clothes, you will regret your life when you read crap like this...Who writes this shit?? and gets paid??

BUT if you want to hear something cute tho....I suggest this! This 3 minute link of pure joy....goes to Cafemom, and it's an audio link to hear a dad asking his 2 girls How did this haircut happen? ;-)

*thanks to my smart husband for the Great Title!