Monday, April 9, 2012

made.ready.for.some. sun.

having a good time...taking blah blah boring ol' black t-shirts...jeans no one wants to wear anymore...Let's make shorts, you know, cut offs. Blue denim, and stencils....and vintage redline indigo denim...The sailor's life for me !

Bleached dye T shirt fringe sleeves handmade and remade

Bleached dye T shirt handmade and

Coachella tie dye 1999 shirt Handmade mini Dress

Anchor Tote Bag denim redline rope tie Nautical Sailor

Redline vintage blue denim....with a rope tie to cinch it....

Magenta Ombre Stud dyed Denim Cut off Shorts

Clouds bleach dye Denim Cut off Overalls

Heart bandana Bleached Denim Cut off Shorts

Stars and Stripes Bleached Denim Cut off Shorts

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