Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Vintage Doll for a Vintage Christmas Dream

Can't we all just get along?

A 1946 combination live-action and stop-motion animation film by the Czech brothers Borivoj Zeman and Karel Zeman. Originally titled Vánoční sen, it was dubbed in English for international audiences.

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Archive post from July 2008

There are actually about 12 vintage and retro clothing and accessories sellers on Vintage Tacoma.....
yeah it used to be Antique Row.....but times change !

Yup come on Down!!


And Hot Rod A Rama!!!! is August 1 & 2 ....
Yippiee...come on let's celebrate the death of middle class car culture...and the LIFE of Outta Control Lowbrow Hot Rod Kulture.......

Summer wardrobe got the blahs? I got lots of fresh new stuff I just put out and.....Wednesday...come and visit
Lots of stuff for guys too....vintage cowboy shirts, holey jeans...and a few cons left.......