Friday, September 3, 2010

The better to see you with, my dear!

I didn't start having to wear glasses to see clearly until I turned forty-ish. Which means, eyeglasses were not a super-big deal to me until I met Mark.. He wears eyeglasses to see and has had to since he was about seven years old.
Therefore, eyeglasses have always been his fashion statement too.

Here's a vintage sunglasses and vintage eyeglasses preview (ha ha) of pairs I'm listing on Friday.

He's taught me everything I know about good eyewear. And that is why you can always rely on funkomavintage to pick only quality vintage eyeglasses, nifty frames to have your prescription installed, or just a killer pair of vintage sunglasses to do some secret people watching!

Everytime I've bought a new frame to change my prescription over the last 15 years, I've been so sadly disappointed. So, never again will I shop the new eyeglasses on display. It's vintage for me, for always. Over the years it's become much more common for people to take a pair of vintage frames to the optometrist and have a prescription set in or just change over to sunglasses.
It used to be rather tough to find a company that would do it's pretty common and it can be done by mail with the internetz, if your town doesn't have a  place that's willing to work with you.Once you have your new eyeglasses prescription, you can get that quality vintage frame made into a fashionable medical device!
How often is an appliance cute? On your face?


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Loving the frames on display here, and Mark makes a very dapper model!

I did not have to start wearing glasses (I'm nearsighted) until my 20s, just out of college, when (coincidentally?) I began to work on a computer. I've flirted with contact lenses, but they always irritate my eyes. My frames aren't vintage, but they're vintage-looking, and nearly always on my face. I've thus given in to the fact that my look will always be--at least somewhat--geek chic!

propriatress said...

I do think computer-looking-at changes the eyes...."they" tell us to rest the eyes and look away far away, for a spell.(I'm sure The Boss will understand!)
When Mark read this, he reminded me that his brand spanking new sunglasses frames are the flower RayBan Wayfarer...New! oh yeah. (pink face).
If you spend a good $$ amount on new frames....they'll be good frames. I chose poorly in my experiences, so now I stick to vintage. But the most awesome thing is to find my prescription already in a vintage frame. I have a pretty common prescription.
Of course, now we know...the geek shall inherit the earth, so ha ha....