Wednesday, October 7, 2009

funkoma has stuff and bloggers must be truthy

Real actual vintage hot rod rat rod car club Puyallup Valley Raceway 1962...

and now on etsy !

So now, when indiecult vintage sends Susie Bubble a bunch of free stuff, Susie Bubble must tell us that indiecult vintage sent her stuff for free...when Susie Bubble goes on and on about what "great stuff" indiecult has....or what great stuff Nastygal has....

It was a huge surprise to me that bloggers got sent free one ever sent me free stuff, but then I'm not the brown nose type, and I guess that was easy to figure out....
The F.T.C will rule that bloggers must disclose the freebies if they write about "endorsements and testimonials" concerning the freebies.

"The F.T.C. said that beginning on Dec. 1, bloggers who review products must disclose any connection with advertisers, including, in most cases, the receipt of free products and whether or not they were paid in any way by advertisers, as occurs frequently. The new rules also take aim at celebrities, who will now need to disclose any ties to companies, should they promote products on a talk show or on Twitter."
I don't do trends....I just do...
Pure Cool Style


What is just in and just photographed? it's on etsy..

I bought tons of new shoes....funky converse, boots, party dresses...and new stuff arriving in the store ....and on etsy....
white Pee-Wee loafers for when you are feeling the Full Cleveland... more pics coming up in a day or 2.

WWII Nurses Cape

60s Rat Pack vintage Sharkskin suit