Friday, May 9, 2008

Zeit Bike.....

is upon us....Coming sooon.....
Oh Joy....Will ....finally something happen in Prison Yard Plaza besides peeing in the bushes (that wasn't me...)
But Mark's entry for Zeit Bike.......was DENIED !!!!!!
I guess his design wasn't flashy is just subtle......
Trailblazer.........get it?

************* The Format & The Rules *************
The Zeit-Bike Contest is being organized in conjunction with other Bike to Work activities in Pierce County scheduled during the month of May. National Bike to Work Week is May 14-18, and will be observed in Pierce County.

Zeit-Bikes will be judged on May 9th and the top five contenders will be shown at the Tacoma Art Museum on Third Thursday, May 17. The best bike will be judged from this group and the top winner will receive a prize of $200. The second and third place winners will also walk away with prizes that have yet to be determined, but promise to be enviable.
The Rules:

1. You must start with an actual bicycle of some kind as the base form. You supply the bike.
2. Individuals or groups can re-form a bike.
3. The bicycle must still be mobile after it is transformed. (Not a vehicle you’d want to ride to Seattle, perhaps, but 4. something that could be pushed down the street to get it into the Tacoma Art Museum.)
4. Your Zeit-Bike must be ready for exhibition to the general public by Wednesday, May 9, 2007.

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