Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Made in China -- Assembled in Tacoma

Tacoma Third Thursday Art Walk


funkoma vintage 306 E. 26th St. noon -- 6 pm

is featuring

Portraits of Your Lifestyle Chinesed Children

A Sculptural Rumination on the Post-Modern Family

What happens when the poison in your children's China-made toys infiltrates your uterus and sperm......

Did you give birth to a child or a pet?

Because you wanted to save money, and didn't read the label, your home is full of poison in the toys from China. Your children play with them. And injest the poisons. And so do you. Are you sure you want another child? Would you be better off to adopt? From China? Why do you want a child? Would you be better off with a pet? What kind of food will you feed it? Food made from Chinese ingredients?
-------- Art ------ Made In China ------ Assembled in Tacoma --------

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