Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Crown is Tarnished......

While other Tacoma residents in blogworld get kudos for saying nothing but nice things.....there is a person or 2 that must, um, poke your bubble.
Not the White Liberal Olympia Bubble (I'm a greener grad.....Yes, I went to school in Olympia......yeah yeah.....)
But back to me and my dinner with my friends at the Crown Bar and Dining Establishment.
Since I lived in the NorthEnd for almost 25 years and Mark has been around these parts even longer.....we are more than qualified to judge.
We say nice things when they are earned and deserved. We say the truth that others are afraid to say.....what.......why is that?
Don't answer.
The dinner out with my friends is always a delight. Mark and I live in a totally different world than they do. Most of them work in cubicles. Swing a dead cat and you will hit a Big Northwest Company or 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever....and others are actual Teachers who Teach your children so you don't have to.
As soon as I got the e-tation in my inbox, I knew my dinner out was gonna cost me a Cool Dead President or 10 or 100.
And it did. Now I don't mind buying good food/booze around town. I hate cooking at home, but I do like drinking at home and parties at my friends' homes....

First, the Decor is 98% IHOP. What is up with the UGLEEEEE Silver paint on the rocks. It is superbly ugly and made my meal taste yuk.
Second, the food is mostly french fries which were good. But, seriously 10 dollars for a plate of fries?
Third, I don't eat much...Mark often finishes half my food before he feels full (and he's still pretty slim you know)
Not only was there nothing left on my plate (I had the Big Mushroom on the Teeny Bun), But Mark left the place Hungry even after eating appetizers and the Macaroni and Cheese.
Fourth, it was a DELITE to see our former neighbor Heather, as the best waitress in the NorthEnd. (Joan and Rose are the best on the waterfront). Heather is superb as a server. She was sweet. She was efficient. She was never intrusive, yet she was a snappy little mind-reader! Those are skillz, baby!
Fifth, the martinis were great, and the bartendress was a pro! KUDOs!
Sixth, If you are looking for an overpriced Denny's Experience, eat at the Crown.
Seventh, Save your money for Harbor Lights or TwoKoi ....better in every category.
Eighth, no I don't care that everyone is supposed only say nice things. Yummy food is not that hard to produce. I, even I, owned and designed and cooked 99% of the food/beverages at my joint, STEILACOOM FORGE DELI. and I don't even really like cooking.
Ninth, The bathrooms were clean. Laura and I enjoyed them.


Jen said...

I say many many cranky things in real life, trust me. Especially when liquored up.

I have heard this about the crown, and I really appreciate people passing on teh awful because it means I don't have to eat there! Which I can't afford to do anyway, so it's a win-win :)

propriatrix said...

I was given the advice to watch my mouth! to blog responsibly....ha ha. I did tell Kevin I wouldnt drop the f-bomb (which I don't like to do other than when I'm liquoured up!)
I am so sick of people telling untruths about all the new bars and restaurants in town. A lot of them suck and charge insane prices. Baaaah Baaaah.....
Tacoma is tuff and can take it! I'm on a mission to keep Tacoma, Uppity-Free!

ensie said...

I've got no problem writing my own review of the Crow Bar with the truth out there for all to read. I completely agree that the food isn't all that and there need to be some major improvements before the place stacks up against the better options in T-Town.

propriatrix said...

I am in good company! thanks ensie.
I had a mini-moment of doubt. But I am happy to be checked. It was not good there.
(new)Tacoma businesses can do better. And Tacoma deserves it.

izenmania said...

I've not been, and I've not read other reviews, but I have heard other speak (including some bloggers) about how thoroughly they disliked the place and its drink and food quality.

Oh, how I loved Gary's. And oh, how sad I am that it's gone.

propriatrix said...

I'm wondering if the disappointment is partly that it has such a great pedigree...kwim?
Well, I'm hoping it will improve since the Crown is such a great name....and I'll give it another try in the future.