Thursday, November 12, 2015

Warm Coat Cold Winter

In the winter of 2015 - 2016 the nasty boy El Nino is coming back to the planet earth for a visit. He's bringing rain and wind, and snow and ice, but where will he drop his weird weather?

Along the west coast of the USA where funkomavintage lives, El Nino will drop us some rain and wind, which is pretty nice after 4 years of a bad drought, but will it rain where we need it? Hope so. Up in the PNW, it will be warmer and somewhat drier, as will most of the east coast of the USA. Along the center, perhaps there will be more tornados and more snow and more cold, and along the southwest of the USA, wet wet wet...

Doesn't matter where you live, winter does always return. Some of you don't have much of a winter any year, but winter is coming.

In early 1955, photographer Dennis Stock followed James Dean around New York City, and also when Dean returned to his family farm, to his little town of Fairmount, Indiana, he chose to wear a long wool coat, a WWII US Navy military trench coat. And you know, if it's military, it can face, oh, I don't know. Oh a War!  Here is the coat he wore. I mean, A US Navy coat JUST like the coat James Dean wore.
clicky here to view it, this 40s US Navy uniform trench coat.

Quality and style, this is a vintage 40s WWII Navy trench coat. It is like the one James Dean wore in his famous series of photos by Dennis Stock, walking in the rain in New York City, and visiting his hometown and family in the Midwest.
It's an authentic WWII Navy overcoat with adjustable cuffs, and all the details that only vintage military has. Top quality, made to wear like iron, and it is always in style.
Double breasted buttons, cuff buttons and it's lined in dark navy satin. It has its original belt too.

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The photos of James Dean are by Dennis Stock, link:   and first published in Time magazine, link.