Friday, November 7, 2014

Bla Bla Blag... Buy Good Vintage for a Good Tomorrow

What is a classic? What is well-made? Why should you care?
What do people wear who don't have a staff? What can a person do who puts on her own makeup, a guy who shaves himself,  that is what I find interesting.
So much of the Street Style, has now, become "What do Rich people wear that other Rich People give them to wear." Honestly, why is it impressive to see that? There is no imagination. And the Rich Bloggers don't blog what they want, they don't wear what they want. They are the Bitch of the Rich.
blah blah blah.
Here is what is interesting to me. And the things funkomavintage buys to sell, is that which is classic, well-made, and often, has a bit of fun, and allows a wearer to put together their own unique style. But of course, some people are just .... sheep.

and speaking of sheep, here is a beautiful pink wool sweater, Made in Japan in the 50s, still in excellent condition. I just washed this and it is gorgeous wool that kept its shape and dried sweet and fluffy.

1. Sweaters. you know it, if you have shopped at the Gap, Old Navy, Target, Macy's, even venerable Nautica, and brands like that, that should know better, and etc. in the last 10 years, that clothes are made of crap. 
You wear them once or twice, and they start to pill. A LOT. Buttons pop off. Seams pop open. Hems sag. Zippers split. Crap.

Life is Good brand ... not so much for the workers in Peru. For the corporate officers of LIG, sure! Lotsa cash, big fancy homes, new fancy cars, no worries brah! For the garment workers of Peru... no. Here is a simple Google search about the garment workers of Peru. Fuck yeah, Life Is Good. What typical corporate hypocrisy horseshit.

This degeneration of quality is the fault of the corporations that make clothes. They could make quality clothes, and they used to, but they don't anymore. I've been buying clothes since the 60s, and I have purchased tens of thousands of vintage items, and I have watched the crap take over.

That there is a picture of the Tacoma Mall in the early 70s. Lots of middle class workers, lots of Union jobs paying high wages, so the average American family could actually go shopping and buy quality clothes. And that, my friends, is why we have good vintage. It was made to last.

I remember shopping at Trade Fair in Napa, which is now the site of WalMart. Trade Fair was a big discount department store, just like WalMart. My favorite dress in the 8th grade, in 1967 was made in Hong Kong. It was an acetate knit print, and that sucker lasted me a long time and still looked cute for years. The fabric was sturdy and the shape held well.
Try that with anything you buy at the WalMart today. Crap.

So, it isn't that clothes come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or other craphole's that the CEO's of clothes-making companies, have chosen to skimp on fabric, design, buttons, zippers, thread, and closed down US factories, disband the Unions, and pay shit wages to 3rd world peasants, and then, take all the profits and stick them in their big fat corporate pockets.
And what are we left with? Crappy clothes that fall apart in less than 3 months.

And this, my friends is why I sell vintage.

Vintage Was Made To Last, and It Was Made With Quality Ingredients.
Yes, there are a few excellent companies left that take pride in workmanship and design, but no one with a store at the average American mall, has that pride in workmanship.

 Here is a link to the sweaters at funkomavintage website....for men and women. Adding more daily!

and here is a clicky link to sweaters currently listed in our Etsy shop. Gals and Guys!

Here at funkomavintage, you will always find quality sweaters, excellent jeans, vintage Levis, Vintage Lee, and Vintage Wrangler, Vintage Irish Fisherman knits, Scotland's Harris Tweed, Vintage L.L. Bean, Vintage Filson, Vintage Pendleton, and top quality vintage clothes of all types.

If it's crap I don't sell it. Maybe once a year, I'll put something up that is kinda crappy, but it has to be cute!