Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old man Winter ain't done with you yet.

Here's some Pendleton, some old denim, some of the most awesome vintage knit scarves I've seen in a long while.......some long wool socks..... and only a few more weeks till Spring... and then your long hot summer.
funkomavintage is seasoned for the seasons of your very vintage life.
Vintage cashmere sweaters, 60s Lee Storm Rider blanket lined denim jacket.

Vintage Levis denim jacket, 50s vintage red and black plaid wool hunting jacket.
vintage Carhartt canvas chore jacket and work jeans, Vintage denim chore coat.

Vintage Big Mac, Pay Day, J.C. Penney's, Vintage know the drill.

Red long john thermal underwear, Indian pattern wool or acrylic scarf.
Irish fisherman sweaters and vest.  Woolrich vintage CPO shirts.
LL Bean ragg wool sweaters,  LL Bean boots, Red Wing boots.
vintage Frye Boots., vintage plaid, wool, flannel pajamas, wool beret, vintage Pendleton shirts, and classic vintage Harris Tweed jackets.
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