Friday, March 15, 2013

The nice thing about Black n White

is that, everything matches!
  so, here's a fine selection of black and white dresses....sundresses, eyelet dresses, long dresses, velvet dresses...Long velvet sundress!

Simple....with buttons, or white collar and cuffs....


Sheer gauze.



Sheeeer and girly....

Lots of Ruffles.....

And shoes!! shoes!! Boots!! Boots!! suede...leather....shiny....dull....flats....heels....loafers....


Casual !!




Motorcycle jacket, 50s tweed jackets,  Harris Tweed,  vintage shirts and vintage suspenders...

very vintage 70s Tshirt...

Summer white eyelet...
Summer sheer 50s shirt

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday. Art. Car. Snow. Seattle. Scotland.

funkomavintage attended an art show Saturday night featuring stunning photos by friend Nich McElroy,  held at Prism in Seattle or more correctly ...Ballard! 
What a beautiful evening....we only had to walk 7 blocks to the gallery/shop...or maybe, if Skip was giving directions.......13 blocks.

The Scotland comes in at the after show drink at Macleod's with a lovely map of Scotland painted on the ceiling, ala Sistine Chapel-wise.
On the wall are framed photos of famous Scots....Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, Ewan McGregor....Andrew Carnegie...Judy Garland....Katherine Hepburn....
The List is Long....
photo belongs to Nich McElroy 
Vintage 122 Volvo in the snow.

Friday, March 8, 2013


I don't think there is ever a more thrilling sight than bright yellow after a gray and drizzly winter.... If this dress don't make ya go WaZoooo! Baby! you need some caffeine or a better outlook on life! it's a 60s fancy fancy dress...It's fitted, it's floating, it's sparkly....It's Neon Green Yellow!

I picture a saucy redhead with red lips and quite a few freckles...... paired up with black shiny sandals and a matching clutch........

Here's a pair of very shiny black sandals from MetropolisShirts

 Black & White Leather Sandal (Size 7)

 Oooo Shiny black purse from Vintage Bumble Bee on etsy

 Vintage Black Purse

Or with a sparkly black clutch like this one from etsy seller VintageDelight374 

 SALE Mid Century Black Clutch Purse - Vintage Glitter Clutch - Vintage Evening Bag - Black Clutch

I think many folks don't want to try wearing vintage because they think all vintage clothes will make them look like a cast member of Happy Days, or  Mad Men!
The big secret is.... !!! Pair something a simple vintage accessory....with your mall clothes......  Or pair something vintage, that's kinda Wild! with very simple accessories, that are also vintage, or new.

That way you "break it up"....and you still look very nice, and nifty and not like you're in the cast for the local theater group when you are out lunching with the chicks.

How about this dress on  a brunette with a sparkly headband holding back long glossy hair and a big Aurora Borealis rhinestone pin on the shoulder, and matching AB rhinestone clip on earrings. I picture  metallic print  shoes and a shiny handbag.

Aurora Borealis rhinestones....

from seller  RetroShinies

Vintage AB Rhinestone Pear Brooch Pin

this dark and shiny pin is from Tiffany, a seller on etsy

Beautiful Vintage Unsigned HUSAR D Czech Rhinestone BROOCH  Pin - Black, Clear and AB

this pair of vintage slides of metallic print with gold metallic are from etsy seller Stardust Vintage Shop

Vintage circa 1960's Deadstock Adorned Brocade Gold and Black Sandals Slippers Shoes

shiny silver purse from CoriLu Vintage

Vintage 1960's Shiny Silver Purse with Rhinestone Clasp

ZalaVintage offers these silver and lucite sandals

Silver sandal

.......and Daffodils from my garden........ I know Spring is still a few days away..... first we must all drink Green Beer.... but here's a little Spring a Ding Ding!