Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sundress over. Sweater Time!

as much as I whine and I do whine with that cheese...I do like fall...not so much winter, but you have to go thru winter to get to spring, and then comes summer, and then fall again....and it is like that every damn year!
So, a passel of fantastic sweaters, lots of warm socks, a great pair of LL Bean boots, and gloves...that's what I'm in 24/7 all during the cold cold wet wet dark dark days.

I don't do Polarfleece. except for slippers, maybe. ick. mats up, pills up, garish colors. I love wool, I like acrylic....and OH Boy Cashmere! Nothing is better than vintage cashmere for warmth, a classy look that's great for everyday and every way.
Cashmere for everyone!

these are in my thatyountvillegirl shop on etsy.....

cashmere mitts

a cashmere and barkcloth hat....

the undies....

a scarf with a little tab to pull the end thru....

and I don't often see fashion I like. fashion I can wear. Being comfortable and warm really isn't anything you're gonna find on the runways of the Big People In Fashion.
I don't do Fahshun....I do awesome!

but I do like these....thanks Honestly WTFblog!!
Maison Scotch Fall 2012. Check it out. 

Big scarf. Check.
Big sweater. Check. (I had that sweater in the 80s)
Big boots. Check.
Skinny pants. Check.
Warm cool coat. Check.

And more good fall goodness...although............ some of the pants...are kinda weird once they get beyond skinny..... baggy in the crotchal area.... not a good look....But the rest is BAM!!