Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey Guys!

Here's some cool vintage stuff for the guys.
A 50s smoking jacket or robe, and a few pairs of vintage boxer shorts, awesome take a look at funkomavintage men's vintage offerings.......this week we got a pair of 60s vintage paisley is a cowboy H Bar C, so it's pretty understandable why a cowboy dude would be so bold as to want to wear paisley. It was the 60s.

Hang On !! Here we go !!

Gray satin jacquard smoking jacket robe has a black satin shawl classic...If you're gonna hang around the mid-century pad, dad, this is what to wear. 

vintage boxer shorts

vintage T shirts.....

Shirts ! H Bar C ! Bowing shirt ! a wool button down ! a paisley button down !

Here's 2 button down shirts....they're classic button down shirts. Button down = The collar buttons down to the shirt at the corners (and sometimes at the center back). It does not mean, that the shirt buttons down the front....that would be a shirt that buttons down the front, or a buttons up....but it is not a "button down". 'k?

1970s vintage Pioneer Fringe Vest !!