Monday, April 23, 2012

because they are wealthy, tall, and slim

that's why. No one loves the beauty and wisdom of the oldsters more than me....especially now that I am one....Advanced Style blog has cornered the market on old women and a few old guys on teh interwebz.

And now they have a book! 

 All the pictures below are the Sole Property of Advanced Style!!

I sell style. So I do like to see an article or 2 or 50 about how to look nice, be healthy and enjoy life into the late years of life....but I am really sick of seeing pretty women with lots of money being held up to the rest of examples of the "right" way to age.

Without fail, 99.33% of the ladies he features, are uh, monied ladies. And when you have money, you have it easy. Where are the turkey necks? Few to be seen, that's for sure. And high cheekbones, slim bodies or at least not fat....these are the biases with Mr. Cohen's choices.
So many of the ladies (and I've been reading it since day one), have the "ideal" womanly body in American culture....high cheekbones, no flabby neck, tall, other words, they are just a wrinkly version of any young model on the runway today.

I'm sure they are all just wonderful ladies, real nice folks and all, my beef is the ...Pretty Pressure Never Ends !!  We are being set up. We'll have to be pretty in our fucking coffin. We'll have to remain fuckable when we are a corpse.

This whole "Old ladies are foxy too!" thing just so ticks me off used to be that women could "taper off " the Sexay and the "hey good lookin" as they bumped up to 40...which ain't old. Then Dynasty, that nasty TV show in the 80s.......and thanks! those 40-somethings Linda Evans...and Joan Collins, were primped, polished, padded, uplifted and vaseline-photoed....

and the pressure was on to be horny sexy and seductive when you'd just reached the age when the spread and the comfort of a few extra pounds was earned, and felt comfortable, and was healthier than being starved into sexy and skinny, as the culture demanded.....But no...The Modern Older American Woman Ideal, is demanding that older women stay fancy and wear a lot of makeup and shoulder pads,

Now the age to stay pretty, to stay sexy is pushed to, for crying out loud, to 90? to 100? Dressing in an interesting way is one thing....and I really love that, but it's coupled with the same old pretty pressure way into the elderly years.

French women, as the fable goes...look good all the time....but the dif is...they aren't pressured to be beautiful/youngy/slim/tall/and no turkey neck. They are "allowed" to age...naturally.
Today, older women are under the same pressure as young women to always Be Pretty! Do I need to tell you about anorexia and bullimia, and the headlines about young models...pre-teens pressured into becoming sexy at a very early age......and the pressure starts early and goes on...long into the elderly years.

all pictures belong to Advanced Style

I sell style. I'm all about dressing how one wants and feels, whether young, middle aged or old....but I am really sick of seeing pretty women with lots of money being held up to the rest of examples of the "right" way to age.

It's the same Tyranny of the Pretty Lady....and I am sick of it.