Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter blues and water woes.....

No pictures of my vintage  Winnebago ...this post, but here's my bedroom....
I survived quite well during the nasty snowstorm...I didn't lose power and no branches fell on me, my garage or my house. I know many many folks had to endure days of misery. My neighbors lost several tall branches of their beautiful birch tree due the weight of heavy snow and ice. I had a branch from one of my trees, fall in my backyard and it missed the fence,the power lines and anything of value at all !

this is my hall, and see that rug? yes. I got that off the street in 1984, when I lived on N. 13th. Sweet! 40s magnolia wool rug....Tacoma used to come pick up your crap during the spring and fall home clean-ups and lots of stuff was left on the sidewalks and driveways...and the Free Pickings was good! (this was back in the day before rich people started buying chipped-up "Shabby Chic" real people just found...stuff. We saw the beauty in wabi-sabi, and hey, the price is right! )

Unrelated to the weather (probably), my basement sump pump went Kaput! "Hello Mr. Landlord!"
... the water was almost knee-high, and it extinguished my water heater so we had 3 days with no hot water! I can put up with a lot of crap from life....if I can have a hot shower at night. The plumbers arrived and pumped the basement almost dry, and installed a new sump pump. My bedroom is over the basement/sump pump, and that new sucker was LOUD.

I thought if I just moved my bed to the other side of the room.......but no!
I'm leaving it like this....tho.

We haven't had a good night's sleep for the last few...and we are cranky! But today, I figured out the problem and fixed it. The hang strap for the exit pipe was transmitting the pump racket to the joists and throughout the house. So I moved that strap sucker! and....

sleeping dog, hippie bedspread, vintage slips, Indian camp blanket, and purple....

Little doggie basket, and I love the closet door and doorknob...original to the 40s house.
On the right is Mark's dresser, we got from Jan in a dresser swap a few years ago.

Mark's clothes and his huge HUGE vintage suitcase.
My Guitar Girl picture (free) and vintage fabric on the window.  Thrifted Nighthawks (mercilessly  copied and Marilyn, Bogie, and Dean inserted (crap)) But, Edward Hopper, my favorite American artist, painted it in 1942, and I love it. The painting (not this print!) is the same age as my house....

After years of looking for a vintage scalloped padded headboard, I finally found one (thrifted). I was gonna cover it (maybe someday) but I actually like the 70s avocado vinyl. 1920's tux shirt, and a 40s chenille peacock on deep blue velvet. Map of the San Francisco Bay area. (all thrifted, except the map, which we bought 15 years ago on our honeymoon)
Purple pillows!

Love the closet !

Mark's vintage suitcase and his wool socks. This is just what it looks like...daily. No, I'm not expecting Martha Stewart and don't give a fig about phony stage sets.
I bought that wool needlepoint rug at a Country Living show at the Tacoma Dome back in the 80s. $50 Bucks.

Nighthawks (no TV !!)  I have a lot of paperbacks, and this old dresser (free) used to hold the TV and DVD and VCR players (free), and 2 of the drawers are full of VHS tapes and DVD's...which are mostly going to the Goodwill except for a few....Like Harold & Maude on VHS !
The mermaid-San Francisco-water globe was bought on vacation, when we took 2 of the kids on vacation about 13 years ago in the VW bus. That was a lot of fun! No really. It was so much fun.

 You might have seen Tom Cat as my etsy avatar.
"So long for now......thanks for visiting and yes, we belong to Mark."