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funkomavintage Archive Nov 2008

 --This post is an Archive from Nov 9, 2008, showing that shopping local is cool !! --
Buying Vintage....acquire know, a Locashop.......

that's us! A huge shout out to our customers.....Thanks for buying local ! We have the Urban Village you bought a Condo for....we are the experience you wanted.....
You can furnish your home, buy gifts and clothe the family body...Right here, right now.
Well, we're open till 6 or 7 every day....we can't pull up downtown all by gotta help us...

Buying vintage is THE GREENEST ! No need to buy something from another me folks.....we scrub and spank and search the West Coast to find you all the things you need for your home, your wardrobe and

Yes!! & for the HOLIDAYS !

a small sample of what's inside Amocat and funkoma vintage......

from the News Trib.....
The downtown retail environment might well be better than it was even just two years ago – as an indication, a collection of shops has sprung up near the University of Washington Tacoma campus. The other end of Pacific offers a few retail stores. But more must be done to make it a vibrant shopping district, said Dominic Accetturo, associate vice president of the commercial real estate agency GVA Kidder Mathews in Tacoma.
....When he looks to sell in Tacoma, Accetturo talks about the qualities of running a shop downtown, including a good amount of foot traffic. But the problem is, barely any of that foot traffic happens after 5 p.m. or during the weekends, times that need to be busy for retailers to prosper.

“Some retailers have looked downtown, but they are frustrated that others aren’t open after 5 p.m.,” Accetturro said.

But there have been improvements, including some businesses and bars opening late and other businesses renovating. Tacoma has potential, and retailers and landlords need to work to realize it, he said. Until then, it’s hard to compete with other areas, and shops rely on the strengths they have.

So a happy, helpful face behind the counter is not enough. Putting low prices together with service is how locally owned shops downtown hope to compete to get shoppers who are already planning to spend less.

Dragonfly’s Shellenberg recently returned from a trip to Shanghai and brought the question straight to her vendors half a world away.

“I went to the vendors, and they knew about the economy,” she said. “I asked, ‘I have 20 bucks, what will you sell me?’”

The answer is what her new store will be stocked with for the holidays: Asian jewelry for cheap, including $15 pearls.

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