Thursday, September 20, 2012

For the Ladies...and then the guys, or whatev'

Back in 1981 Levis introduced this style 501 Levis for Women....cut a bit smaller at the waist, a bit higher in the front rise, and a bit wider at the hips....
it's the famous Travis commercial...

forget all the political bullshit...America is a great country, not because of any reason other than....we invented Levis.
that's it. 
I like the classic cut Levis...the lower waist, the extra fabric in the "mans junk" area gave me and millions of women with hips...just a bit more room for the hips...Not a darn thing wrong with the Levis for Women....this is America, Levis are American, and we demand choices.
Since America is a blue jean baby....let's get right to the 4 vintage pair of Levis new to the shop.

 This week I have a pair of Womens 501s 33/32 and  501s 34/30, 501s 35/32, 501s 31/36.

 and you might need a vintage plaid flannel shirt about a beret....funkomavintage can cover your naked body from head to ankles....(we got vintage boots and shoes too...take a look!)

4 vintage flannel plaid shirts ..... and 3 very colorful berets....

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Red and White and some blue too.

It's the season for the last few canoe rides in the Sound...the first leaves are falling and the nights are cooling down...
It's an election year......and it's time to wear the ol' RWB...

dark blue Denim...Redline indigo denim, a long kitchen and workshop apron....

Silk and rhinestone dress...vintage Adolfo with knit and silk dress...

30s 40s vintage dress....just amazing...and in a very nice size too ! 

sweet berry red knit dress from the 70s...fantastic with tall leather boots!

Poppies Poppies Poppies.....sheer voile 70s vintage party dress! 

Vintage boots and shoes....Red vintage Converse Hightops, red 60s secretary shoes, 80s red suede booties !  all in the boots and shoes department at funkomavintage !! 

The guys! Men's vintage boxer shorts, vintage 50s red oxford shirt, vintage tartan plaid shirts, vintage red wool hunting coat, denim sherpa faux fur jacket, Snap On red T shirt....all here in the Men's department at funkomavintage.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Denim. Levis. Love.

When I was little, er, a young child..I loved my jeans. I would whine and cry and pout if I was forced to wear a dress. If I had to wear a dress, it had better be plaid or a sailor dress. I would wear my jeans under a dress....Now I can wear jeans...lovely lovely denim all day and all night if I want to....
San Francisco California was the center of the universe for the proliferation of Denim....from Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis and their waist overalls...the Levi riveted jeans.... to the Gap company with their high waist jeans in the late 60s, to the Gunne Sax Jessica McClintock dress company that used chambray, muslin, calico and denim to make some of the most pretty and beloved dresses ever! 

Jeans made from blue denim were just work they are high fashion!
The fabric has a twill weave that makes the characteristic diagonal ribs.Indigo is the blue dye that blue denim is dyed with...back in the day before the 1920s, it was natural indigo, plant based, but now it's all chemical. Some indigo dye used for commercial denim has better color than others, in my humble opinion!  Denim warp threads are dyed indigo blue (or another color), but the weft threads always are white.

Things I made for the first child, Jan....
a jacket I made from lots of jean patches, sewn to a lining of red and blue check flannel, with a ladybug braid trim on the edges....little brass buttons, and pockets too!  There's Big E indigo denim, and a lot of selvedge!

...and I made a skirt for her too....more Big E denim and some Lee to go with the vintage Levi's...all the clothes I made back then, used a lot of worn out Big E Levi jeans....oy vey.

and a pair of 60s Big E kids jeans, a Levis zip front, with the Talon 42 zipper, a pair of 505's for the kiddies.
All the kids wore this pair except Robbie since he was 9 when I met him.

Here's a poster of  Vintage Jeans  with LEVI 501xx Buckle back & LEE from ebay seller toysandjeans.

1969 Wrangler Jean ad from ebay seller scottalbertson

 What else is made from denim? mmmm a Vintage 70s denim Gunne Sax dress with calico and lace ! 

Denim Calico Lace Gunne Sax Dress 1970s vintage patchwork Peasant girl M L

 a little kids dress....70s vintage denim and tartan plaid dress...aww so cute. 

Blue Denim red tartan plaid Girls vintage 70s Cowgirl childrens Dress  S  4

 amazing wear patterns on this pair of vintage blue denim Levis jeans

Levis 505 Vintage Blue denim Jeans USA authentic Wear hige 34 32

and what to wear with Levis, denim and jeans....moccasins and Converse, of course!

High top red cotton, white laces, rubber and logo. High tops, these are Made in the USA, classic Converse All Stars.

Vintage RED high top Converse sneakers 7

Vintage MINNETONKA Moccasins from Paramount Vintage. Cute!

Vintage MINNETONKA Moccasins womens 9M -  ADORABLE, leather moccasins, flats, sandals, hippie, native american - FREE Worldwide Shipping

Inspirational ! big thick sweater, denim shorts, socks, leather sandals....big mans watch, long hair...Of course I like this picture...this is how I dress most of the time!
this whole blog, beauandaero is full of images in a genre I call, Drunk Teenager. Vacuous girls with no life history beyond the trauma of 11th grade PE class. Gawky. Vain. and trying way too hard to be sophisticated and worldly.


Make a rug from lots of blue denim jeans !