Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A few of my favorite men things...

When there's Red Wings, when there's belt buckles, and plaid cowboy shirts.....I simply go look at Brown boots, Levi's and safari shirts....these are a few of my favorite men's things....

like the song says.....

Willis and Geiger. Hemingway wore shirts like this. nuff said.


Old school...the real good stuff from the 70s, not like the crap made today.

More stuff of legends.....
Red Wing Boots at funkomavintage

Cashmere scarf... handmade from a recycled cashmere sweater.

Men. Men. Men. Vintage men.

Men. Men. Men. Vintage Levis, and an LL Bean jacket.


sittin' in the Chrysler
Listening to Liza
Gaying off with the hand sanitizer
You're no wiser
you're a miser
you're a Neo-con in  a diaper.

You a swiper
a coniver.
You'd rat off your brother for a fiver.

Sell out the country
soft and crunchy
funky monkey
Power junkie.

You're so lucky
you got all the money.
We're gonna get it back
come Monday.

It ain't funny
gonna do ya like
It ain't gonna be pretty
Hard times in the city
ain't life shitty.

 (c) 2011Mark Schindele