Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pretty as Pictures.

from Camp Comfort via the Vanessa Jackman blog, is this lovely pic of  Candice Lake...holding a pair of the ones I have listed right now! oh yes.

Here...white Converse at funkomavintage....

And also from the Vanessa blog is Louise Ebel in a fantastic pair of vintage geeky frames....Hey, like the ones at funkomavintage ! awesome !

Big. Geeky. Vintage. Glasses. funkomavintage.

Bathroom re-do.

The bathroom...needs a re-do. With its Reagan-era golden oak accessories, the moldy plastic shower curtain, the hopeless goopy caulk...What's a renter to do?
It's never easy as a renter...always 20 days away from being homeless, living with the bottom of the barrel fixtures, cheap materials, and installers that had no talent for design, carpentry, plumbing or painting.
And, it's easy, EASY, to decorate a big house, but in a tiny house......Every trick I know about making it all look lovely and doing it on the create Delicious Home Gumbo from the Pig Ears and Chicken Shit that I have to work with, and what 99% of renters have, for their "Befores"....
I need Inspiration !!
Good ol' Apartment Therapy..........look !

Here's some pretty pictures....I gotta choose the wall color first and then everything else will be Easy-Peasy. Bye bye mold, gloom and doom !
 Once I get going........then you'll see my BEFORE picture....and the AFTER. It's bad. So So bad.

OOooooooo......Clean bathrooms. Pretty pictures.
I love the pale serene calm.... of course....
having beautiful vintage fixtures is very helpful but I don't have that as starting point.

This is tasty ! like French Vanilla ice cream... & I do have a black and white, this is a possibility. Of course, this room is exactly the same size as my whole house !

I like this little charmer too. All white with a happy pop of color.

White and gray and skulls! White, silver and gray. 

and now for something entirely different !

and if we decide to move into Outer Spaaaaace, this is perfect!

Add 100 orchids, ferns, palm trees and a rocking sound system, this is very near my dream.