Friday, April 22, 2011

Sun House

The sun has arrived here in the upper edge of America....for a short while it will appear from behind the ice cream castles in the air (aka...clouds).

I don't forget that 10 months of the year it's a cold and freezing this summer, while I'm in a good mood, and have some energy, I'm constructing a Sun House in the garage.
I'm gonna hang full spectrum Blue Max lights, and set out my rickety wicker 20s rocking chair, and buy many palms and ferns. Like this....

Then when the days start getting dark and suicidal (aka...October 31), I'll have a Happy Place to go to....It will be a real darling...bright....and full of'll be a great place to start seeds early in next January...not quite as sweeeet as a greenhouse, but, pretty neat. I have a great stereo out there already, and I think it will make an nice place for gatherings with the fam, come the holidays.

 2 kids....3 of the 5 grands.....

I'm gonna use these lights...compact florescent with full spectrum light....cheery and energy efficient.
Blue Max
High CRI up to 93+ for unmatched 
color rendering
• Flicker-free Electronic ballast
• Balanced full spectrum color and  
sunset models available

oooh Kew Gardens....

Yes, something Old this...

hanging plants and lots of big indoor 
ferns and palms.....