Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting is coming up

and how do we know this? we picked our bathroom wall color that's why. What color, pray tell......hmmmm, it's this but with a lot of white. It's a little color I like to call...."Chocolate bar left on the dashboard and then put in the freezer". It's mostly that freezer burn White but with some chocolate stirred in for warmth.
It may make me lick my walls.
I love the color in my living room. So, same thing, but....pale pale pale.
My color here, is from Ace Hardware, the color is Truffle. (food)

The color I want doesn't have a name. I'm buying some eggshell Ivory paint, and then drop in some of that chocolate/freezer/burn color....a bit like this below.... Safari. So me.

The curtain across the shower will be raw silk that I used on the couch. I'm making a driftwood mobile to hang over the shower. Painting the golden oak and the light fixture.....White-ish.
No pics yet, but I did take some Befores. Here's a peek.....a door stop of driftwood.


These 2 pics came from My Fave and My Best. I don't really like her modern Jonathan Adler/LA/modern/glam thing.......and I'm pretty sure she hates burlap (which I love!), but I like her bravado.(Jonathan Adler has it easy ...since all he does is re-do the 70s, yawn. Not the 70s (awesome) but that he just copies it and makes Bank)

Someone asked her, Jenny at MFAMB, to write a book. Wow. Since she cusses worse than me (yes, it's true), one might think she shouldn't write a book......but she's writing a book. I know I'll never get someone to publish the books I'm working on, so I'll have to self-publish, but that isn't gonna stop me from working on them.

What I love about the bedroom up there ^^^ (which is gonna get an update too), is the burlap, duh, and the white and the green. I hate that stupid hanging lamp thing, which I'm seeing on a lot of happy shiny bloggies. I think it's IKEA. OK, I like it, but it's not for me.

The living room below.....has stripes. One room in the house....the bath, the living room, the kitchen, or the gonna get some stripes....Trust Me.

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