Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My house is simple.

In a working class neighborhood. Just the way I like it. The life-destroying Investors are on their way to destroy Hilltop by installing corporate coffee shops and bland and tasteless restaurants like Olive Garden, PF Changs, Johnny Rockets and Cheesecake Factory. Oh, and condos. Lots and lots of faux Tuscan condos.
I arrived to....Grass with Cyclone Fence. I've added some flowers and displays......I'm not investing a lot of $$ since I rent. I'm leaving in about 2 years, but since this is our daily life, we'll make it simply attractive for us.

So, open the gate, you've been invited to look at pictures!

In a few years that bamboo will be magnificent! I love these dahlias....I'll add the name later...
The color is very very happy...

Golden eumonyous. This is one of the 4 shrubs in the rental yard. Besides the beauty bark/junipers.

These guys are in a patch of weeds/yarrow that I'm developing into a tiny meadow. As I was mowing and mowing last spring I noticed the yarrow had populated the, I surrounded it with chunks of old concrete and bricks I found in the alley. I'll put in some bulbs this fall and ....let it go.

Autumn Joy sedum. It sure is!

My Mothers Day Flamingos, and junk I found.

I don't think this will stay up all winter......Lots of snow is predicted.....waaaaaaa. I hate Snow.

ooooooo Darknesss....
Lamp like a Harvest Moon......