Friday, September 3, 2010

The better to see you with, my dear!

I didn't start having to wear glasses to see clearly until I turned forty-ish. Which means, eyeglasses were not a super-big deal to me until I met Mark.. He wears eyeglasses to see and has had to since he was about seven years old.
Therefore, eyeglasses have always been his fashion statement too.

Here's a vintage sunglasses and vintage eyeglasses preview (ha ha) of pairs I'm listing on Friday.

He's taught me everything I know about good eyewear. And that is why you can always rely on funkomavintage to pick only quality vintage eyeglasses, nifty frames to have your prescription installed, or just a killer pair of vintage sunglasses to do some secret people watching!

Everytime I've bought a new frame to change my prescription over the last 15 years, I've been so sadly disappointed. So, never again will I shop the new eyeglasses on display. It's vintage for me, for always. Over the years it's become much more common for people to take a pair of vintage frames to the optometrist and have a prescription set in or just change over to sunglasses.
It used to be rather tough to find a company that would do it's pretty common and it can be done by mail with the internetz, if your town doesn't have a  place that's willing to work with you.Once you have your new eyeglasses prescription, you can get that quality vintage frame made into a fashionable medical device!
How often is an appliance cute? On your face?