Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Safeway in Tacoma

thanks WeeklyVolcano for the pic there...

a bit has been written about the Hilltop Safeway......here....
And too often, I read or hear a smarmy attitude about the store, and the neighborhood.

I imagine it's somewhat scary to the insulated. But my friends who moved here from real big cities, don't blink an eye...it's the small town folks who are most uncomfortable there.

I am more than a bit upset to see the Safeway remodel.......
I feel like I live in The Neverending Story
(and my last name used to be Bastian!!)

The Nothingness is eating away my life......those things I have loved so much about Tacoma......the sameness...the feeling that Time Has Stood Still.........
not anymore.

I didn't get there in time to get a pic of the outside, with the big red SAFEWAY letters on S. 12th (Earnest Brazill St)

The remodel has started. The outside has a new paint job in a safe pale caramel. The inside is torn up a bit now too. This was a few days ago, about May 1st. I'll get more as the work progresses, and it should be all done by mid-June.
So, more selections, a bakery of sorts.....it'll be OK.
And, it will be many more years until something like the Metropolitan Market moves in here......and I'll probably be dead anyway...

Sure some things are OK with me, but not much.
I told you the condos were stupid....too much fancy schmancy crap and nothing for, you know ..working people.
I'm not dumb, I know what the "new Tacoma plan" is really all about.
Make Tacoma the South Sound Bellevue.
Yeah. Great.
The people in charge have Zero Imagination.
The artists, clearly, are not in charge here!
And the Old Guard benevolent wealthy, the Russells, the Weyhausers, Bill Phillip for instance......are getting old and retired.....and a new crew is taking over.
Are they interested in public beauty?
Are they interested in sharing the wealth and the power for the betterment of all?
I'm waiting for the "new" council to show me they are capable of something more than saying they are for a more lovely, more artful Tacoma.
So far, all I see is , as Angela knows, The Coming Massacre of Small Local Business Downtown.
But it isn't so much that Parking Meters are stupid right now, it is the BIG LIE.
This is all about making more money for the City Government, and not about some stupid 15/85 phantom parking dilemma.